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Oakland Chinese street festival

September 17th, 2005

Off The Wall
Saturday. Friday after work we had a few beers, ate some chicken wings and discussed various minor aspects of art and life at PCB. The place was packed, the evening comfortable, the head clear this morning after breakfast down the way at my usual cafe. I was planning to attend a blues festival with MSM this afternoon to hear one of her (our) old clients and have Chinese food afterward, but something came up. An old friend of her's, a life long friend of her partner's, was given two weeks to two months after they opened him up and discovered the usual suspect. He's my age, of course, what else? Another photographer, a real one (he shot the early Huey Lewis and the News album covers); another eat, drink and be merry wacko who lived his life with gusto. Who knows, maybe too much gusto.

No way to miss a blues festival, too many of these “no ways” these days, but there are many things I can do here in the apartment this afternoon starting with Ms. Emmy's litter box (she does go through that litter) and a box of those little toothpaste tubes of flea goo you rub into the backs of their necks once every month. I've used this stuff before, her eyes turn blue, but otherwise she seems OK except for the funny little tick and the shortness of breath.

I had an odd upsurge in the number of hits I receive on Art and Life, Thursday and Friday, about two hundred more over the two days than average. For Art and Life that's a lot. My thought was someone had put a link to it on a high volume site of some kind and I'd be able to identify it on my hit counter, but no, just the usual off the wall stuff.

The photograph was taken at an Oakland Chinese street festival with a Nikon D2x mounted with a 70-200 f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at 1/250th second at f 2.8 at ISO 100.