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Telegraph Avenue window display

September 27th, 2004

Such Is Life
I committed to going to a dinner this evening - I do remember saying I would, although I don't quite recollect when - and it became clear to me that I didn't remember the dinner was this very evening at a Chevy's in Pleasanton when I listened to the message on my phone this afternoon. How rude, this memory business. I did think of going, driving in commuter traffic, but with a long day today and another long day tomorrow and the photography class tomorrow evening; well, I seem to be here at home at the computer realizing I'm out of whiskey and I'm out of wine and maybe I should take a drive down the way and buy something refreshing and that I am not, most certainly am not, at a Chevy's in Pleasanton eating dinner.

“Too bad about the two rolls of film I managed to trash”. I guess I can rehash the two lost rolls one more time. There's a price you pay to learn, I guess. I don't think I'll do it again - the developing tank reels snap together when they're snapped together right in a way you don't forget - but, well, the Great American Photograph was probably on one of them, lost forever in fixer soaked somewhere.

You may also have noticed I wasn't one of the Genius Grant recipients announced today. Too bad. I'd have hit the road with laptop and camera to write the Great American Journal. I'm not sure it needs to be written on the road, but I'd want to start with a little flair. Hi, ho. Maybe they don't give Genius Grants to those who find it difficult to reliably snap two pieces of plastic together. Snap! Such is life.

The banner photograph was taken last Wednesday on Telegraph Avenue with a Nikon F3 mounted with a 50mm f 1.2 Nikkor lens on Tmax-400.