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How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade
How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade

September 23rd, 2004

Hurt To Peek
Wednesday. Zip! went the day, then over to the darkroom on the Berkeley campus for my photography class. Sit down at a table open to the sidewalk after class for a slice of pizza on Telegraph, snapping a picture or two of the lights and the night; take this time right now at the computer; then to bed. A zip day with a photography class tail. Excitement, here in Oakland.

You sound less than enthusiastic.

I sound like I should go to bed in my current condition and forget any attempt to impart in words the excitement of my existence; take the time next time to properly ruminate before writing. Scribble ever so clever notes in an equally clever notebook over breakfast. Ponder these ever so clever notes during the noon hour, nodding sagely as I come to the ever so clever parts. Let the writing run like rain in a hurricane off my brain when I get home in the evenings and post the spectacular results before ten. Then whiskey, of course, one must not forget the basics.

Nikon has announced the new digital camera you were waiting to see and a new flagship 35mm F6 that everyone said would never be seen since film is dead with the advent of digital.

I haven't figured out how to take pictures with the cameras I've got: what are you talking about?. An F6, though? Really?

Thursday. No notes, clever or otherwise, were written over breakfast, although I took the time, at least, to have breakfast and read the paper. An hour and a half for lunch with MSA and MSR at Everett and Jones, I having the barbecued chicken salad and half of their unfinished ribs (of every kind and species) dinner. What the hell.

Home now, the weather overly warm and muggy, but there's a breeze starting to come in off the bay. And I received a couple of more movies from Netflix. And this entry is rapidly dribbling to a finish. And, I'm thinking, what with the weekend coming, why not go to bed early and forget about any, you know, clever writing til Monday? No need to reread yesterday's top of the page entry, it only leads, you know, to depression. And which two movies arrived today? Hmmmm. Couldn't hurt to peek.

The photographs were taken Sunday at the How Berkeley Can You Be? parade with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 17-55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at ISO 200.