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Art & Soul Festival, Oakland

September 6th, 2004

How They Turn Out
Sunday. No inspiration today at Art & Soul, but I've never been good at generating pictures at festivals. What have I brought home in the past? I find it harder to take pictures when my story is I post them to the web. “You what?” Of course most people assume I'm working for a publication of some kind (and possess a “license to shoot”) and who knows, maybe their fantasy of making the cover of tomorrow's Datebook section in the Chronicle is actually happening right here in Oakland, but that's not a reliable camouflage, and I get the inevitable questions.

And, of course, now and then, somebody gets upset. Don't want to get anybody upset. They are there to see the performers, why am I not shooting pictures of the performers, why am I shooting pictures of them? A problem to ponder, I thought, over a lemonade at a table near one of the bandstands, watching the crowd, camera on my lap, the air warm as blood, a light breeze coming off the bay. Why no ideas, there's a million pictures all around me, and I can't make them out? Then again, there is this nice lemonade I'm sipping, sitting here at the table, why stress? I'll sleep on it tonight. Ask again when I get up.

Monday. Another three hour morning at the office followed by two hours at Art & Soul, this time with a better eye and a better approach. This is good. Now to see how they turn out.

The photograph was taken at the Art & Soul Festival Sunday in Oakland with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 17 - 55mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at ISO 200.