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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Man with Guinness in Oakland

September 26th, 2003

A Sense Of Humor
This week has been pretty good, by the way. I have the appointment with the allergist next Tuesday. I'm hoping it goes well. The head has been clearer, the energy better. I'm wondering if this thing isn't coming from something like a reaction to nuts as well as whatever populates this apartment. I got into the habit some time back of picking up a package of almonds or cashews at the local ersatz 7-11 most every day. Stopped doing that. Read something about peanuts and peanut butter, nuts and the near death experience. Feeling better, but who knows? Too bad I couldn't have caught it last spring, but then again, best not to count any pigeons (they have pigeons in Oakland) before they're hatched. Might not be allergies at all, best not to complain about coming late to a cure, let's hope this is the cure and not the point at which they punch your ticket.

I said I'd write something uplifting about (allergies and) kitty cats. Emmy is sitting not far away in the living room as I write with her back to me staring at something (what?) under an ottoman. Is she pissed? Can't tell. Cats get pissed. They make up easily, but you've got to go over and make an effort.

Hmmm. I just came back from scratching her back. She immediately stretched out in welcome home mode, so she isn't pissed. Just a little cat reality in cat time on a Friday, the weather overcast, the temperature no longer in the nineties (thank god), here in Oakland. Maybe there's something under the ottoman. Something radiating allergens like a miniature sun. Something of interest to cats. Could be. Life is strange, life is cruel, but life has a sense of humor.

The photograph was taken of a guy with a Guinness at PCB in Oakland.