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Ladies and Gents Who Lunch photos
Family party on Bainbridge Island

September 4th, 2003

I Don't Know
I glanced at my watch this afternoon as I left my work area for the elevator at the office and checked it again when I walked into my apartment. Sixteen minutes. I drove, of course, it takes longer when I'm walking or taking the bus, but sixteen minutes gives me a life in the evenings. What's a life worth in the evenings, allowing me, for example, to write this journal? Worth more than I have words to say.

The cold is on its last legs and I'm watching to see how many of my symptoms go away with the cold and how many remain as a residual of this vertigo, headache thing I've had now for the last year. I think I'm feeling better, the vertigo, headache is getting better, but I'm not sure. I'll know over the weekend, shooting MSJ's wedding on Saturday should be a pretty good test. I hope it goes well.

Other than that, no progress on acquiring the chemicals needed to develop my black and white film. I have a dental appointment early Saturday morning and the wedding late in the afternoon, so I'm thinking of going by one of the local camera stores and picking it up on the way back from the dentist. Feed a roll through Sunday, test before I develop any of the film that I take at the wedding.

I've had my two glasses of whiskey and water between the second and the third paragraphs. I am more relaxed, but I'm not sure I'm up for writing. My comment on developing my black and white film seems like filler, something to write when I have nothing to write. That's not what writing is about, although you have to do a ton of it for every ounce of gold. Maybe the whole journal is a way to avoid writing anything of consequence. Could be. Doesn't matter. It's what I do.

An earthquake just now. Very violent, but it lasted less than a second, almost as if something had crashed into the building. We didn't have anything crash into the building and the people spilling out onto the street to compare notes agree: an earthquake. If it had lasted more than a couple of seconds we'd have been in really big trouble. I've been in earthquakes here in San Francisco and in a very large one that took place in Seattle in the late forties (I was young, but I remember). They lasted much longer, but they weren't nearly as violent. Again, if this had lasted any period of time, the whole city would have come down. A pre-shock of some sort signalling the big one? I don't know.

The photograph was taken at a family party on Bainbridge Island.