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Oakland City Center concert

September 24th, 2001

Her New Nikon
Found MRH's phone number. He moved my stuff these last two moves, first down from Napa, then into here from Berkeley. He wasn't in, but I left a number, and I'm feeling confident he'll be able to move me out of here in the next two weeks. I'd do it this weekend, if he were available, spend my time in the evenings packing up the sensitive stuff, let he and his coworker handle packing the books and records and anything else that looks heavier than a couple of ounces. Man, oh man, does this make moving easier.

I'm not going to comment on the feds closing down all the crop dusters in the country for the last two days. I don't even want to think about it. No more talk about September 11th. Honest.

I'm on the verge of crossing a small milestone in the next few days. I'm coming up on a weight that I've always had mentally book marked after an old girl friend, who'd known me for a number of years, said it was the point at which I began to get more interesting. Below that weight, things went very well. Above that weight, well, it wasn't one of those really rude scenes, but things could have been better. Back then, I stayed lighter.

I've simply stopped eating dinner. Haven't missed it. Sometimes I eat more for lunch, sometimes less, breakfast is always the same: cold cereal and orange juice, except on weekends when it's a waffle, eggs over easy and bacon with coffee. Day in, day out, an ounce here, an ounce there, maybe a pound, maybe two pounds a week. Some weeks none. I broke my lay off September 11th agreement in the paragraph above, now I've broken my oath to never talk about diet. Still, three inches off the waist is nice. Brings back old memories. Makes me want to go out and buy clothes. Threads that don't make me look like a guy in a clown suit packing a camera. I'm closing on the day, maybe, when I'm thought of as a clown in some nice old guy threads, packing a camera.

I had a small breakthrough at work with a web site redesign today. I'd worked some over this weekend Photo taken over a beer at work.on something I half liked and applied it to one of the smaller sites to get a feel for how it looked. Better, but not great. Paced the hallways a bit, played Freecell in my server lab, went back to the screen, tried this and that, and then, around four in the afternoon, I found something that worked. It's a competitive thing. Lots of intranet webmasters in my company, most of their designs a little ratty. Recently, however, marketing came up with something that solved some problems that I've been wrestling with and I was able to use them to create something both different and better. You can never tell when you will need these things for your resume. It's getting cold out there. With a new apartment, better rent than I hoped, or not.

Other than that, I got a contact sheet back today with some of the photographs that I shot with the new 180mm lens. They look good. Faces filling the entire frame. Reasonably sharp. Exposure OK. Note the lady at the top.

Haven't heard from Polly and BF, but that's not unexpected. Two days in San Francisco isn't enough time to meet people with whom you've only corresponded unless everything works out. Their vacation here was interrupted by you know what and I'm impressed they decided to say fuck it and come a week later. Hope she gets some pictures with her new Nikon.

The banner photograph was taken at an Oakland City Center concert and the second photograph was taken over a beer after work in Oakland. Might have been two beers.