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Berkeley Solano Stroll

September 19th, 2001

Go To Bed
Another day, another dollar. I mentioned our entire computer security staff was fired on Friday. What I didn't mention was that one of them, a woman who had worked at our company for over ten years, a woman who had recently taken ill at her desk, who'd been rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with uterine cancer and operated on that same day, who was now recuperating, waiting to begin chemo; she was led into that room with the rest and told to clean her desk and leave. Ah, management, management, sending signals to the troops. We love you, troops.

Long day, today, for whatever reason. I need to get on with moving into the new apartment. I ordered the phone line today, they turned it on this afternoon, and placed the DSL order. You can't place a DSL order without having a phone line in place, when did I want the phone line in place? Today, thank you. Now I have to marshal my arguments to discuss the reasons they need to let me keep my static IP address. There are reasons to have a static IP address. Most people reading this will not know what I'm talking about, but believe me, it's one of those things I need. That, and another glass of this Wild Turkey bourbon whisky I have sitting here on the desk beside me. A long day, indeed.

I ran my first 13" x 19" photograph off the Epson printer yesterday. "Hmmm", I said. I'm out of paper, Photo taken at lunch.maybe I should open this great big 13" x 19" package of paper I've had sitting up on the shelf here for a while and see how they run. (see how they run...) It ran fine. Now what do I do with it? Tape it to the wall? Well, no. What you do with these things - this is a project I've actually pushed to the point of research - is place them in frames! Ha! Then you tape them to the wall. The frames, of course, need to be custom frames to accommodate odd sizes and the occasional flight of fancy. This leads us to framing tools and materials and another set of tasks that will vie for my hours. My giant assemblage of available hours.

Speaking of projects, I haven't done much with the new photo site. I've designed three or four pages and put together maybe twenty or thirty jpegs, thumbnails to click on to pop the larger versions behind. They look all right, but it needs more work and what I've discovered, as I've gotten older, is that work is not what I'm about. Slothful soulful (sole-full) activity is my bent. Long conversations over alcoholic beverages with friends - yes, I poured another, all of this is going to fall apart pretty quick - and sleeping in til noon. Til one. Til hell freezes and Jesus comes back in a late model Cadillac, two thousand down.

Later. The Wild Turkey has flown and my head is tired, but clear. I have been listening to the local public radio station, which is, what else, talking about September 11th and all of the perturbations since. Depressing. I think I'll go to bed.

The banner photograph was taken at the Berkeley Solano Stroll, the second photograph at a recent lunch in Oakland.