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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Berkeley Parade

September 28th, 2000

Amazing Ways
Be nice if today were Friday. I know, I know, but today is more "would be nice" than most. The Windows class is good, lots of material, no opportunity or particular interest in slacking off. The sort of class you'd expect if you were paying for it yourself. It ends tomorrow, the day of the Critical Mass bike ride, come to think of it, so I'd better remember the cameras tomorrow.

If I were serious, I'd bring up a Windows 2000 server here in the apartment sometime soon after this class (you really need to work with these things in order to learn them) and I'm thinking, well, that would be, um, OK, but another part of me is saying fuckit, play with the cameras and the new printer, go through the negatives I shot last weekend and make some prints. I'm still a techie under here somewhere and I still pay attention to techie stuff, but I don't have the old fire. I'm also wondering what future an old techie has with the usual set of network skills. Better, probably, to stay with the web. If I starve, at least I'll starve with with a web presence. Must you make a choice between paying for your monthly prescriptions or your ISP? Probably. One day.

I mentioned an upstairs neighbor came down the other night and (to cut to the chase) we came to a Berkeley parade. bargain that I will watch after his cat for ten days starting this weekend, when he's on vacation, and he will watch after Wuss the next time I'm on the road. Well, he came down last night - yes, he was leaving this weekend, yes I would feed his cat, yes he would drop off his key tomorrow after work - and while all this was going on I figured I should probably be civil so I invited him into the hall. I noticed the automatic cat box in the kitchen could use emptying and cleaning (inside and out) because you could, um, smell it, you understand, and the living room looked as it has always looked, much like an obstacle course, and the sink was full, but not overly full, of dishes.

So, what the hell. I'm far enough along in life I really don't give a damn about what the neighbors think, but another part of me says, well, I have in the past lived years at at time more or less like a regular human being and things would be more comfortable here if I did some cleaning up. Nothing too extreme, you understand, a little vacuuming, moving more boxes into the storage bin I've been renting. So I'll make a list and tape it to the refrigerator door and maybe some of it will get done. I have this feeling it will, but we'll see. I know me and me is in the mood for more civilized surroundings. It does happen. I'd say it was a woman, if I knew any women, but you never know, life moves in strange and amazing ways.

The photographs were taken at the How Berkeley Can You Be? parade last weekend. The quote under The Sole Proprietor title is by Dorothy Parker.