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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

Oakland City Center

September 20th, 2000

Time For A Nap
Although I still feel like writing after all this time (Except for this evening when it's hot and muggy and Wuss has just thrown up on his way out to the balcony.), I'm wondering how much more I have left in me. I haven't started the new site I talked about yet, other than putting together a blank white page with a title in the middle in type like this. I've been thinking about what it should look like. The only way I ever find out, design, writing, is to start.

Should I do something like my old On Display collaborations with a fiction bent? Godzilla meets Dilbert? Another section, maybe, of photographs with a clever narration along the lines of my early 1998 entries? Work like hell on the new personal site and the company site to make my resume look better? It's warm. Did I mention that? Not good to make decisions when it's warm and the mind is wandering and Wuss is throwing up after choking down half a can of cat food for dinner. My thought is it's time for change, not only in the work, but in everything else. Think, thank, thunking along this evening before the advent of fall.

This will pass. Change is not your friend, although you die without it. One of life's little mysteries. I have this hunch it's coming all at once, not unlike death. Death, ashes and a Phoenix, arising from. Deedle-dee-dum. Time for a nap. In Oakland.

The photograph was taken some time back at the Oakland City Center. The quote under The Sole Proprietor title is by Seneca.