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She likes my journal !!

They have better beds on the A ward.

The Solano Stroll, Berkeley.

September 15th, 2000

At The Latest
Hmmm. I am informed that the Netherlands is located to the east of London, rather than to the north. Well, I'm familiar with the Benelux countries in that I can state with fair confidence they're composed of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Our European headquarters, up until recently, has been located in Rotterdam, but I must admit, other than the occasional email, I'm not one hundred percent certain where they are. Next to Germany, I think, and Germany is on the other side of France and France is south of London. But there's that sea between Great Britain and the continent, the one that starts at the Atlantic and goes by Dover and keeps on truckin right on up and around the British Isles, passing, I suspect, by the Netherlands. To the east.

Who woulda thought? East, not north. (Rien, didn't I trip over this once before? Not the Holland - wooden shoes - tulips thing, but I said north and you said east and I figured, what the hell, you're there on the ground, what with you living there and everything, so you probably know. I guess, what, mid-term memory loss? Doesn't really count because I can blame it on old age and being an American?) Fear not, Mr. Post. If I ever cross the Atlantic, I'll call you when I get to the outskirts of town to ask for driving directions from, um, probably Finland, which is, as I recall, right near by.

I'm going to go ahead and learn one or two more web programs by using them to design a second site. I The Solano Stroll, Berkeley have another domain name that would make a good design project and keep me busy through the end of this year. I need to improve my skills and the best way I can think to actually do that is by building something with the new tools. Nothing too exciting, everyone else has been using them for years. My current design is old and reminds me of a generations old automobile full of sharp jab you in the side edges instead of the new soft as pillows curves. Need me some of them curves. I like simple and easy to read, but there's more that can be done to achieve them, particularly through the use of style sheets and coding so my pages will display properly on, say, a Macintosh. This type face looks terrible on a Macintosh, all bunched up and black, the pictures positioned badly and I'd correct it, I would, but I've sold myself the idea that it's OK to let it slide since I have little or no access to a Mac and even less gumption. So maybe I'll do that. Start the design. Tomorrow. Or the day after.

I've ordered two new Adobe programs along with the PhotoShop 6.0 upgrade and I have Dreamweaver John in Seattle gathering dust on the shelf with HomeSite 4, so why not learn them by designing this new site and domain from scratch? Everything is done with Java applets at the company with little if any Java scripting and nobody's using animations, but what the hell, I'd at least like to build one or two bouncing Pokemans or something for, I don't know, the rush. All the old Avalon ballroom, Fillmore West poster artists and underground designers were splashing horrible amounts of visually distorted, impossible to decipher, acid induced (they said) opus magni out onto the public palate when I was first starting out, so why should I draw the line at animated gifs? Maybe video..., stop, I'm drifting again. Snap out of it. I'm still taking that week off to learn more PhotoShop and I'm going to schedule it on Monday. Or Tuesday. At the latest.

The first two photographs were taken at the Solano Stroll last weekend and the third in Seattle. The quote under The Sole Proprietor title is by Seneca who undoubtedly first uttered it in Latin.