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The What It Means To Live in Berkeley Parade.
October 25th, 1999

Bevels and Blurs
I did little or nothing over the weekend. Some early morning Sunday shopping at Safeway, clean up the desk, pay bills, do the laundry, calculate how long before I've paid off the local medical establishment. Sleep late, watch some football, watch some baseball, fiddle with an On Display collab that's due by the end of the month. Feed the cat.

I subscribe to a magazine called Photo Techniques that has an article in the latest issue about scanning black and white images and manipulating them in PhotoShop. Well, one particular image. The writer adjusts his photographs in PhotoShop using Levels and Curves instead of Brightness and Contrast with results shown in the magazine that are spectacular. Which brings me smack back to the fact I don't know Levels and Curves from Bevels and Blurs or Cookies and Milk. I am going to open my PhotoShop text tomorrow to the section on Levels and Curves with a scanned black and white image that is similar to the one used in the article up on the computer screen in front of me and manipulate. And if it works as well as I suspect it will work, I will sign up for a January PhotoShop class and learn how to use this tool instead of talking about it. I promise. And I will write about it no more until I have something to show.

Nothing happening on the business front today except everybody seems hunkered down waiting What It Means to Live in Berkeley parade. for something to happen. Whatever this management reshuffling means to they who rule at the top, they who rule at the top aren't talking until, one assumes, they've sorted it out. They say a new chief information officer (our boss) will be joining the company in January and that makes sense. I'm assuming the person has already been picked and signed and dotted lined and is currently working out there somewhere in the computer world committed to bringing another company through Y2K in one piece. No way that person is going to bail out before January and the dust has settled. And if he or she were willing to come before January we wouldn't want them. Or shouldn't want them. Maybe this is a turn to our advantage because if the systems at his or her current company all blow up on January 1st, well, we don't want that kind of talent. There's probably a screw the pooch clause in the contract. Anyway, one way or another, a new CIO will arrive with, one assumes, a lieutenant or two, brooms in hand, ready to shape things up. Hup!

The photographs were taken at the What It Means To Live in Berkeley Parade. Another photograph was taken of the spaceship during the week following in downtown Oakland and run as the banner on October 14th.