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A bud ready to bloom on the Magnolia tree by the balcony.
October 19th, 1999

They Have My Attention
So this evening my head is clear, I've had a nice dinner and none of the ambivalent, too pooped to pop realities I've been complaining about lately are around to stop me from writing the entry of the century and by gosh, wouldn't you know it, I'm still a little dry.

Two things to catch up: First, Mr. Wuss, fuzzy cat of my house, ate the alternate brand A stairway off Grand near Lake Merritt. but good for the gall bladder cat food this morning without throwing it up all over the rug. I put a smaller amount in his dish before taking my bath and then fed him a similar amount after I'd finished. Ate them both, kept them down. Peace of mind. Left a small amount in the dish as I was leaving, the dish empty when I returned. I've fed him twice now this evening. He's looking better. Second (normally I'd start another paragraph with "second", but I don't like pictures that aren't enclosed in copy), I walked home up the hill more quickly than I've been walking in the past and I realize after two months I'm getting my wind. That's a little thing, this wind business, but really, if I'm telling the truth, that's a bigger deal than I'm normally willing to admit. I complain, but not too much and mostly in this journal, thinking about the walk back home and how nice it might be to drive. I hate it when others talk about the number of push ups they did last night, the number of pounds they lost last spring, the fucking incredibly healthy swim they just made across an ocean. And I'm doing it here. A bit. (It's only a walk.) So I apologize. (But just barely). End of catching up.

Let's see. Tomorrow a flu shot. Down in the training rooms, provided by the company. Some do, some don't, I do. No spirit of rebellion left, I guess.

They have announced a company meeting at the office this Friday. They are providing lunch ("plenty to eat") and door prizes to encourage attendence. Attendence is not going to be a problem. Three company presidents (We are sprouting presidents. Executive vice presidents, senior vice presidents and dime a dozen garden variety vice presidents now wander aimlessly throughout the hallways) will discuss and answer questions about the new company structure. Ah yes.

The assumption is that the technical side of the company will be untouched and remain here in Oakland. Rumors abound, however, about business functions like finance and marketing and HR now that the company headquarters is to be consolidated in Singapore and Oakland, with the exception of Information Technology, will become just another branch office, albeit a big one. That means people will be moving to Singapore, other people will be leaving the company who do not wish to move to Singapore and some number of people (some say numbering in the hundreds) will be leaving altogether and forever for greener pastures.

Rumors like these are always around during a reorganization and the reality will undoubtedly be something different, but McKinsey & Co. reorgs are justly famous throughout the corporate world and I may be looking for a job next week. Probably not. Most likely not. But they have my attention.

The banner photograph was taken from my balcony last week. The Magnolia tree keeps blooming, one blossom, two blossoms at a time, each one lasting no more than 24 to 48 hours before it turns a decaying brown. Interesting. The photo of the stairway was taken last Sunday. I need to think at bit to see if there isn't a photograph there somewhere more interesting than this one.