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The Federal Building in Oakland.
October 15th, 1999

I Need Some Rest
I believe I was a week early yesterday in predicting the announcement of our newly reorganized company structure. This, unfortunately, is not the first mistake I have made in my ordinary and unordered life. I fumbled the football in the crucial last quarter of a warm up game I was playing in the summer of '54. Been waiting on the bench since.

That was Friday, this is Saturday. I went by the vet's this morning and picked up a case of A building on the way to work in the morning. feline c/d-s wonder prescription cat food to replace the hardly used case of feline s/d wonder prescription cat food that Wuss will not fucking eat unless he's really really stressed. It is also designed to dissolve crystals forming in the gall bladder, but it's the watered down junior varsity variety and won't do it as quickly. Something about fewer free acid radicals* in the chunky meaty bits.(* I made that up.) Wuss looked it over carefully before wolfing it down so fast he threw it back up all over the rug. Good to have the old Wuss back. What's an old fart without his Wuss? OK, so it's a slow day that started too early with a trip to the grocery store around 7:00, a trip to the vet's later and a nap. And now, maybe, another nap.

I'm realizing I have an issue with taking a day off. I finally learned to leave the office at the office during the evenings and weekends, but I have this routine that whispers I should be writing or taking photographs instead of goofing off and taking naps. Watch a football game, maybe. Drink coffee. Read the paper. Go to a movie. (It turns out a movie isn't goofing off if you write a review.) What happened? I don't remember worrying about letting a day unravel at its own pace. When I was younger. And, I thought, crazy. Who's crazy now?

It's later and Wuss is turning his nose up at the new wonder cat food, sitting right now on a chair to the right of me meowing. We'll see how it goes tomorrow with a fresh can. I need some rest.

The banner photograph was taken in the federal building near the Oakland City Center. I was warned not to shoot pictures of the surveillance cameras when I shot this, what? Weather clock? The building was photographed on the way to work.