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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


October 29, 2017

Before Ten

Sunday. I was tired last night and pretty much out of gas and so to bed early after the game with lights out before ten. If I remember right. Which I might. Anyway, awake at quarter to six to dawdle along in getting up to eat up time, finally out the door with all three papers in tow to drive to breakfast before seven to then wait on the waitress to arrive to open the restaurant. Waited a little longer than we've had to do in the past.

The hamburger patty, eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast, taking my time over the papers. Overcast and cool, figuring no temperature issues later when photographing the Fruitvale Dia de los Muertos Festival. Taking one picture for two images as I walked to the car after breakfast.

Later. Another period feeling tired/funky in the late morning and so laid down for an hour before heading to the bus stop with the long lens camera in the backpack, not so much to not be visibly carrying the second camera over the shoulder, but thinking I didn't want to juggle two cameras when one alway does most of the shooting. OK. A bus, then BART to the Fruitvale station to arrive before one, a large crowd visible from the elevated tracks.

And it was a large dense crowd, shoulder to shoulder, stop and start making it hard to move, but finally completing a swing through the area finding few people wearing the traditional Dia de los Muertos makeup. The dense crowd made the long lens a less wonderful choice, thinking I should have brought the more compact 24-120mm lens, but still got a few decent pictures. Not enough for a web section, but that was because of the way the head was feeling and the vision was acting up that made me crap out. Can't blame the equipment.

Not physically tired, but again, disoriented, the vision delaying focus, and so an hour's shooting was enough. I just crapped out. Back on the train home to hunker down over processing the photographs confirming there weren't enough to post a section to the web.

Evening. And so the game. For someone who hasn't followed a season in decades I seem to have been sucked right in, the commentators confirming the off the wall nature of this particular series. Tired finally and so bailed to finish listening to it on the radio in bed, the Astros scrambling to win finally in the tenth inning, with lights out right after to conk right out before ten.

The photo up top was taken while fiddling around with the cameras yesterday with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.