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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


October 18, 2017


Wednesday. I'd been warned at breakfast yesterday that P.G.&E. would be working on their water pipes along Grand this morning near my restaurant and they wouldn't be opening until eight as the water would be off until then. At least I thought they said eight. I did.

Anyway, to sleep last night early, lights out well before ten, to awaken at five-thirty, but then get back to sleep until well after six. Took my time getting up and added turning on the computer to the routine, figuring I'd finish yesterday's entry and post it while delaying leaving until the restaurant opened. Which I did.

Walked to breakfast under a not quite overcast sky, more mist than smoke (I don't think there was much smoke, but we think about these things with the fires still burning) to pass by the P.G.&E. people and arrive at the restaurant at a quarter to eight. A sign on their front door said eight-thirty, they wouldn't be opening until eight-thirty. Oh. A walk back to the apartment. The tent was a first.

Downloaded and processed the few pictures I'd taken on the walk home and then headed out at eight twenty-five in the car, first to get gas at the station across from the restaurant and noting finally the price of regular had been dropped by four cents, something I hadn't noticed earlier when walking. Parked by the restaurant. Yes they were open, yes they had water and so yes I had breakfast over the papers to leave and drive home just after ten.

A break in the routine, the morning now well advanced, the sun shining. We'll see where we take it or it takes us, but so far, so good.

Later. In the sixties today, not too much smoke in the air, but no thought to go anywhere. Spent time lying on the bed listening to various news programs, listened to the two hours of news I always watch/listen to in the mid-afternoons, dialing in and out of the various Law & Order episodes that run on Wednesdays, all of them episodes I've seen before. Less tired at the moment than I was earlier, though. Some continuing thought, but no action, on heading out to get a pint of ice cream. Fixed pasta with red clam sauce for an early dinner instead.

Evening. Listened to the first half or so of Democracy Now! where they go over the current happenings or not happenings in Puerto Rico. You don't get a whole lot of coverage in most of the press now that it's “yesterday's news”, but if the Democracy Now! reporting is even half accurate, people should be screaming. But then I guess no one's really surprised.

Checked Midsomer Murders, I'd seen it before, no need to see it again. I'm burned out with Law & Order and so to bed and the tablet. I've found a couple of things, one a movie, one a series that have managed to get me half hooked and half hooked is more than enough, given the choices.

The photo up top was taken at the Defend DACA demonstration last month at the Oakland City Hall with Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.