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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


October 2, 2017


Monday. I do remember lights out last night was just after ten for a change. Also remembered the helicopter loudly circling overhead for at least an hour after ten, me thinking the police were looking for someone who'd committed a crime of some kind in the neighborhood. Led to interesting bad guy dreams throughout the night as they might apply to me. Deedle-dee-dee.

Awake at just after six to hear the tail end of the lead story on Democracy Now!, a mass shooting in Las Vegas. Didn't hear the particulars, although when I got to breakfast this morning, the café owner said something to another patron that her trip to Las Vegas had been canceled at the last moment or otherwise she'd have been there last evening. In that hotel? Well. We live in interesting times. Too interesting, too many times.

The chicken apple sausage, eggs over medium, country potatoes, toast, fruit cup and coffee for breakfast. Must admit I've been feeling just fine, the walk in going well, the walk home under a clear sky and a bright sun comfortable in a long sleeved shirt and light jacket. Not sure how warm they're forecasting for the day, but probably similar to yesterday's low seventies.

You could, you know, just look it up.

Well, yes. The Internet age. A high of seventy-five, about as it was yesterday.

Later. Put a camera in the backpack and caught a bus to the Broadway ATM, thinking I'd take pictures at the apartment house (re)construction site off Grand near Broadway if I had time, to find the bank and its ATM closed “due to an emergency”. Oh. OK.

A return bus five minutes later to Mandana across from the morning café, thinking I'd hike over the hill on Mandana to the Lakeshore ATM. How long since I've hiked over the Mandana hill? Been a while. Tuckered when I reached the top, but recovered well enough on the way down. Hit the ATM and checked the bagel shop for yogurt cups. They had one last one in stock and so ate it at an outside table with coffee. Sunny day, almost too warm in just a t-shirt.

A walk by the ice cream shop (two scoops in a cup) and then on to the apartment, not having taken the camera out of the backpack.

Evening. And so the day. The usual time on the tablet, watched the last half of Father Brown at seven, tried watching something called Breathless, Part 3 at eight, but managed to watch just enough to decide I had no idea what was going on through lack of attention more than lack of mental acuity (I'm hoping) and so back to bed. Not a bad day, the sinus-upper palate behaving. Still, no pictures either, no races run or mountains climbed. Maybe put a sock in it and chalk it up on the board under the success column.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the San Francisco Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.