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October 24, 2016

After All

Monday. Lights out early again, but not getting to sleep until after ten. Still, awake just before six to get up, get ready and walk to breakfast. They're saying rain later today and through the week, important that we get it, and indeed the walk back home was under an overcast sky with the wind gusting. Not all that strong, the gusts, but letting you know what may well be coming.

A good day to process pictures and get at least one web section done from this weekend's shooting. I should also go by the Lakeshore ATM if it isn't raining. Or, for that matter, if it is raining.

Later. They were saying rain late this afternoon and I'm sure they're right. I did walk to the Lakeshore ATM and then walked right back, the mouth going dry or what I call “dry”, with the walk getting a bit wobbly as I approached home. It passed quickly enough after lying down, none of the other ocular symptoms. And that was it. Go figure.

Once back, spent two hours processing Black Panther Party pictures, getting most of them done before lying down and then remembering there'd been a new episode of Elementary on television last night and so watched it on the tablet. The usual unusual to totally improbable plot, but I enjoyed it well enough. Add another go figure.

The News Hour on now at three. Maybe little guitar, maybe return to the pictures.

Later still. Well, I said there were enough pictures to make up a Black Panther Party section and there were, but just. Or, perhaps, more accurately: almost. Almost enough. Ah, well. I need to stay there shooting longer for more and better pictures. Which is fine. We understand why we didn't and still, what we did, was well worth the effort.

No rain yet. Plenty of dark clouds, but breaking up in patches. If it's coming, it's coming later tonight. Or tomorrow. Or the day after. They're saying.

Evening. Watched Democracy Now and their reporting on the pipeline demonstrations going on in North Dakota. Wish them well, we can't afford to burn any new oil, let alone the kind of oil that line will be carrying, but they're up against powerful forces. We'll see. I might well be up there photographing the thing if I were younger.

You sure?

We were certainly crazy enough when we were younger. Certainly crazy enough to go, with or without taking into account the merits of their protest. Didn't want to go to Vietnam as a photographer, not that I had the option (yes, I thought about it briefly, very briefly, had a friend who actually did it and survived), but I might easily have taken a chance with something like oil companies. They're not the Viet Cong, after all. Right?

The photo up top was taken at the Black Panther Party 50th Anniversary Celebration Saturday with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.