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October 19, 2016

Sailing Ahead

Wednesday. A repeat of yesterday morning's condition for good or bad. Awakening at five-thirty, the sinus-upper palate aching uncomfortably, so up to take the daily meds (that include the pain meds) to take care of the problem. Still, other than the sinuses, felt pretty good. Slow starting, but ultimately clear headed and feeling fine while walking to breakfast. Had the avocado and Swiss cheese omelet, cut back on the cheese, the kitchen getting the order right this time and not forgetting the avocado. Good. Mostly. I'd say.

Dark on the way to breakfast, the sun up by the time I was returning, the bus coming just as I was setting out for home. Didn't take the bus, didn't really think twice about it, and so a walk and couple of pictures on the way, thinking the thoughts I was thinking yesterday: buckle down, finish and mail in the ballot, take better pictures. There was an article in the East Bay Times this morning that convinced me to vote for a candidate on the local council. Success there, at least, one of the ballot choices where I had yet to mark a preference.

Later. The pain meds seem to last for about six hours, although they say allow eight hours between doses. Six is enough. Otherwise time on the web, time on the tablet, time watching television, the day outside as nice as nice can be with a temperature in the high sixties, low seventies. And here I sit inside.

At least you finished your ballot.

True. Mostly. Progress, I'd argue.

Later still. Ballot done, it goes in the mail tomorrow morning on the way to breakfast. I voted for the candidates for the lesser known offices by going through recommendations by groups I trust, but I wonder how many I might have changed had I better known the candidates history and their offices.

There is a debate coming up The News Hour as PBS is reminding me as I listen to it on the living room television set. I'll watch it, of course, but I suspect with some stress.

Evening. It falls further into place, I guess, this person Trump. What makes him tick, I don't know, but it becomes clearer what sets/gets him off. I watched the first hour, but skipped between channels for the last half hour, only able to watch a certain amount of it before I quit. Unless something totally weird derails it, I'm assuming this bizarre empty suit, albeit one who resonates with a large percentage of the electorate, is toast. Gone. For the best. I just wish I was happier with Clinton and the Neoliberal movement she and her wing of the party represent. I suspect we're not in for smooth sailing during the coming years ahead.

The photo up top was taken walking home from breakfast this morning with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.