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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


October 4, 2016


Tuesday. Overcast again, but no rain from the look of it. I did turn out the lights before nine, but it took until ten to finally conk out, awakening at quarter to six. Felt fine, no way I was going to go back to sleep and so up and out the door not long after six to walk to breakfast. Plenty of time to read the papers and have the plain waffle with sliced strawberries and bananas as the scale said just over one-fifty this morning. And, to be honest, nothing else appealed.

Noted the two cent drop in gas prices. There's always a period when I make out the sign, was it $2.73 yesterday or am I mistaken? I wasn't mistaken. Good. The odd shot of a plant I've photographed before with the camera and lens combination I've used before. Still not quite sure how to get it right, but we're working on it. Slowly, with not enough attention, but we can write off any errors using that as a story and save embarrassment. We're working on it. Getting too old to worry about embarrassment, not that you should worry about it at any age. Of course.

But do change behavior? Make adjustments?

Probably best not to go running down a city street stark nekkid wearing but a red clown nose and brandishing a butterfly net. Skip any embarrassment, but maybe make sartorial changes for, say, employment interviews. Unless, of course, you're running for president.

Later. The sun was out from behind the clouds and so a bus downtown to have a raspberry shortbread cookie and a small coffee in the Rotunda building because, well, I don't know because. Standing, waiting on the bus, I was thinking what was I doing going downtown? Did I want to go anywhere else? No. The bus came and I felt committed. Another bus right on home when I'd finished the coffee and cookie, walking down to the lake to sit on a bench under what was now a bright and warmer sun.

Three coots were fishing along the shore and I noticed a gull who'd swim over to one of the coots as if to take whatever is was it had just brought up from the bottom. Not sure I want to know what that whatever is. One or two pictures just because.

Later still. And so, what? A bath. More time futzing with the computer setup. Some time on the tablet, wasted time, but time none the less. There's another debate this evening, which I will watch. Which I will begin watching, not sure if I'll make it all the way through. Once I get a feeling for the both of them I may well figure that's enough.

Evening. Watched the beginning and then left to come back in two or three ten minute segments as the, um, debate progressed. And that was enough. More than enough.

The photo up top was taken at the Folsom Street Fest in San Francisco with a Nikon D5 mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.