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Here In Oakland

Art & Life


October 30, 2015


Friday. Lights out before ten, my lights out soon after, to awaken very briefly at six and then sleep for another hour. I'm suspecting more than enough sleep and similarly suspecting we're not that far out of line: some nights you don't quite get enough, some nights you make up for any lost and you're therefore usually at least halfway coherent as the days stumble on. So good. He said.

A walk then to breakfast with the sun up over the horizon at well after seven, thinking this is how it will be when Daylight Savings falls back an hour Sunday morning. Add that hour's rest, get up when it's an hour later and therefore lighter, walk to breakfast without needing to check the shadows for, well, shadows. Good for the attitude.

We're wandering a bit here.

There's bright sun outside, we'll be taking pictures at Latham Square later to finish that section I almost completed yesterday (needing but three pictures to finish) and we seem to be well rested. What's the problem? We are cookin'. On paper at least.

Later. This is not working. Heading out the door to catch the bus downtown I happened, for some reason, to think about flossing and the upcoming dentist's appointment this next Friday. I'd been lax and started in these last couple of days to floss in thinking of the coming appointment. Not hard to do, not uncomfortable, but easy to forget. Thinking about this - flossing - I decided to look at the calendar and discovered the appointment was for noon today, not next Friday.

OK, still had an hour to make the appointment, so a drive to the dentist's office in Albany to arrive twenty minutes early to check in and then take a short walk in the immediate neighborhood to kill time. Returned, but then had to wait another fifteen minutes beyond the time my appointment was due to start. My dental hygienist is the Best Hygienist in the West and there's no way I'm going to hold fifteen minutes against her, even though she is indeed usually late. And, she mentioned without my asking, she'd had to wait on the dentist to check her prior patient. No matter, the cleaning is restful and is now done for another four months, albeit an opportunity to go into grumpy old man mode was missed.

A drive back home (not so much traffic going to the appointment, a lot of traffic going back, feeling some sympathy for people who have to drive this every day) thinking I'd catch the one-thirty bus downtown and take care of the Latham pictures. Except the one-thirty bus didn't come. OK, a walk over to the apartment house construction site to take pictures and then walk on to get an ice cream bar, returning to the bus stop again thinking Latham Square.

Except it would be a ten minute wait in what was now a hot sun after having dragged myself to the 7-11 look-alike and photographing the apartment house construction site and so said the hell with it and went home. We'll take pictures tomorrow. Warm out there, feels good sitting here in front of the fan.

Later still. The sinuses and upper palate have been acting up, maybe irritated by the cleaning, and so a second dose of the pain meds that don't seem to have had an effect, so we've been taking it easy, watching this and that on the tablet and processing pictures taken earlier this morning and at the apartment house construction site. Not a real rocket motor Friday, this Friday, not that we're going to be getting many more rocket motor Fridays from here on out.

Rocket motor Fridays?

Just now got up and the motor hasn't quite turned over yet.

Evening. On a day of forgetting things, I seem to have forgotten there's a World Series game tonight, dialing in finally in the fifth inning. Well, if it had been all that important I wouldn't have forgotten. Maybe I'll watch the rest of the game and maybe I'll switch to New Tricks when it starts to at least see if I've seen it before. Which I probably will have and there'll be no reason not to go back to the game.

I've seen the New Tricks, have no idea who done it or why, but back to the Mets who are looking much better than they did in those first two. I'd count myself a Mets fan. Never been to Kansas City, but lived in New York in my teenage years, attended my first major league baseball game at Yankee Stadium (1956?) to watch the Yankees play the Red Sox, Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams both on the field playing.


The Mets won. We'll now remember there's a game tomorrow.

The photo up top was taken Sunday at the Oakland Museum of California with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.