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October 24, 2015


Saturday. And so watching all that television last night I then went to bed and read more of the current Maigret novel before turning the lights out at ten-thirty. Playing with fire, ten-thirty, living life along its very edge. One might say, if one were babbling on a Saturday morning, feeling OK. Hey.

Awake at six-thirty, no problems getting up and out the door, although I did drive and fed the meter this morning. What the hell, it's the weekend, we're allowed. Had breakfast, read the papers, drove home and finished yesterday's entry to now sit here at ten and think what we might get done today that's interesting. The Dia de los Muertos event at the museum tomorrow, so we have pictures coming, but something today? Something we can place up above, not dig up something from the past? A walk over to the farmers market on the way to the Lakeshore ATM? We do need to go by an ATM.

Later. Some hesitancy, but out the door to walk over by the lake and then on to the Lakeshore ATM. All the tables out in front of the bagel shop were full, so a walk back to the ice cream shop for two scoops in a cup and then home, making up for whatever little walking I'd lost this morning with driving.

Sunny, warm, not much going on. Some few Capoeira people were working out by the lake at their usual place, an exercise group of some kind was well into their routine not far away and that was about it for pictures. Somehow doesn't surprise.

What to do? The sinuses and upper palate are acting up a bit, so we'll try an extra dose of the pain meds to see if it helps, if only for the placebo effect. We are not choosy about how we gain our relief when tricks turn out to be as good as treats.

Later still. Started working on another section of the Latham Square photographs when the web pages gradually became too complicated to deal with and I realized it was best to head to bed to sleep through what was obviously an oncoming ocular episode.

I'd had two strips of bacon this morning with breakfast and I suspect the two strips of bacon were what tripped the trick. We are behaving badly with our breakfasts, we'll go back to plain waffles and sliced fruit and leave it at that. Otherwise I suspect these ocular things aren't going away unless I get serious about the eating business.

Anyway, awoke, the head came together eventually and so finished the Latham Square section and posted it to the two web sites. Should have done a second section of apartment house photographs, but the ocular thing put me off track. Good enough excuse: getting off track.

I was listening to the radio before drifting off into an ocular sleep, a program about decisions making and the “balance” between the non-verbal emotional decision maker and the rational verbal decision maker inside our brain. Those two strips of bacon this morning, I suspect, were decided by the emotional side. The commentator was saying it's the one that more often succeeds, dear old emotional me/we, and the rational side is left to come up with a rationalization to justify the decision. Lets hope we can hold out when we go off again and want to eat something underlined on that to be avoided list.

Evening. Finished the Maigret, one of the earlier novels in the series. Didn't believe the bad guys in this one, although it obviously did keep my interest. I've read a bunch of the later ones in the series, so we'll see how the second of the three I picked up recently suceeds.

Nothing on television and so to bed at eight to see how this next Maigret begins, as it's listed as the first, the first of some seventy plus other Maigrets (not counting the short stories) that followed.

The photo up top was taken walking by a Capoeira group at Lake Merritt this noon hour with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.