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October 12, 2015

Good Night

Monday. I did get the lights out early last night, it being warm enough to be sleeping with the fan at the foot of the bed, and seem to have gotten to sleep within a reasonable time before awakening for a second time at seven-thirty. When it was light. I could get in the habit of awakening this late, I could. Anyway a walk to breakfast, the sky clear, another warm day ahead. Another too hot for this old fart day, no doubt, but it's October and some say winter is approaching.

I need to go by an ATM and so we'll probably take another set of photographs at Latham Square. And at the apartment house construction site, so the schedule for the middle of the day is clear. If that has any relevance to anything. Still, it's ten in the morning, maybe we'll get on the bus in another half hour and maybe we won't. Maybe it's one of those devil may care days and we'll put it off until noon. Flocks of nervous birds take flight at the very thought.

Later. The usual mix of do I really want to do this, do I really want to do that, resulting in a bus downtown to the Broadway ATM and then on to Latham Square, carrying the camera in the backpack. I was hungry, but really didn't want to eat at the City Center or anywhere else I could think of and so, when I'd finished with the Square and saw I had just enough time to catch the bus back home (they run every thirty minutes), I grabbed the bus back.

Off the bus at the apartment house construction site stop to go by the café at the corner and try the egg with cheese sandwich with a diet Coke. Decent coffee, diet Coke is diet Coke and their egg sandwich is edible. Marginally.

And yes, the café was filled with people hunched over their laptops, although my thinking about them changed somewhat this morning when I saw two photographs on Facebook, one of a room filled with people hunched over laptops, another an older photograph of a room filled with people hunched over newspapers. A certain similarity was suggested.

The only difference from my experience (as one who sits at a table engrossed in reading the papers every morning) is when I'm there with others we sit and talk. Similarly with other diners at my morning restaurant: some people read the papers, many do not and most of those who come in groups, come there to eat and talk.

Which gives you an out in sniffing your nose at laptops?

No. More a pause, than an out. As I (perhaps snidely) suggested yesterday, we're different demographics and I'm getting cranky as I get old(er).

A quick set of pictures of the apartment house construction site after the egg sandwich. Progress, I guess, but there's still a way to go. Some months back the foreman mentioned he was behind schedule if he finished by the end of the year. Maybe this will be done by the end of the year, but again, it appears there's a way to go.

You're babbling again. You have no idea how they're doing.

Could be the weather. Getting hot, hard to think clearly when it gets hot, harder yet when the particulate index is rising and you spend so much time clearing your nose.


Later still. Clear headed, energy good and so another section of apartment house photographs put together and posted to the web sites. I've been thinking I'm two months behind, but I'm really almost three months behind and so we need to catch up. Hup! And I suspect we will, although I'm not yet willing to say when. Progress ahead, but we'll take our time in other words.

A bit wishy-washy there.

I started thinking about what I was saying. Still, feels like it's time to catch up on this crap. One does not like to be behind on one's crap.

A good day, though. Warm out there, warmer than I'd like, but the afternoon is coming to a close and I've opened the balcony door and I suspect we're going to have a good night.

The photo up top was taken yesterday at Lake Merritt with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 135mm f 2.0 DC Nikkor lens.