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Here In Oakland

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October 7, 2015


Wednesday. Awakening at quarter to seven after what appears to have been a decent night's sleep. Lights out well before ten (or am I mis-remembering that, it all seems to meld together rather quickly the morning after) and so off to walk to breakfast on an overcast morning that soon turned to clear skies and sun. Another picture of the interior of Grand Fare as I was walking in.

Bright sun on the way home, keeping a sharper eye out for thieves, ax murders and out of control automobiles as I was walking, but no paranoia really beyond those three sensitivities, nothing to get in the way to make the walking unpleasant. I suspect this heightened awareness will be with us for some time, but low key, flaring up a bit every time I read of a street robbery or similar crime. You get a lot more of those under your nose now with new neighborhood centric blogs such as adding more such events to those you will find in the morning papers.

Later. The sinuses acting up and so another dose of the pain meds to lie down and listen to the news on the radio before turning it off and attempting a short nap. No sleep, but the sinuses seem to have gotten better (I still can't say it's due to time passing or due to the meds kicking in) and so up again now at noon.

Maybe I'm wrong about the meds, half an hour after writing the last paragraph, the sinuses had quieted right down and so out the door without a thought to destination, not even next door to photograph the apartment house constructions site, just a need to get outside. Warm, t-shirt weather, and so over to the lake to sit by the white column pergola for a while if only to generate vitamin D from the sunlight.

A walk home, not hungry, no thought to get anything to eat or drink, taking a picture of the building behind which they're planning to build a twelve unit apartment house and twelve unit condominium. Doesn't look as if they're planning on tearing down the existing building, although they're working inside it, putting in street connected underground pipes and tearing up the interior. If they don't tear it down they'll be clogging up my street during the construction. More an interesting fact than any thought of coming discomfort. Something to watch, something to photograph.

Again, bright sun, nice day, no thought to take construction site pictures. I need to go by an ATM so we'll use that as an excuse to get Latham Square taken care of tomorrow. Once I've done the one, I'll do the second next door.

Later still. Remembered today was the Protime blood thinner test day and so ran the test, the number looking pretty good. I believe I said I was going to mark Wednesdays on the calendar to remind me, but that doesn't seem to have done any good. Probably because I marked the Wednesdays for last month and forgot/was too lazy to mark them for this month. Still in the fast lane, here in Oakland.

The sinuses do feel better. Again, the result of the meds? That's a plus, really, the fact they can be fixed with a couple of pills.

I've had movies on the tablet slow down to the point of not being able to watch them recently, more so just lately, and so, going through Facebook this afternoon, I read a blurb in Wired magazine about new and old Wi-Fi routers and how some of them sucked. They recommended a Netgear model and so I pushed the order it from Amazon button. If it fixes the problem, if the problem is/was my router and not the AT&T modem, well, then all will be well. :-)

Hmm. The AT&T modem. How old is it? Check the web for any available information. I notice I'm feeding the Wi-Fi router Ethernet cable through the Netgear switch and not directly to the modem itself. Made the connection. Checked the tablet. Goes like a rocket. We'll see later when people sign on after getting home from work, but if it continues to be fast I've just blown whatever it was on impulse for a new Wi-Fi unit for no good reason.

You can blame it on age.

We'll blame it on a feeble brain.

Evening. Everything loads lickety-split on the tablet. Ah, well. A fellow can always use a faster Wi-Fi device. All that good radiation bouncing about throughout the apartment.

The photo up top was taken at the Republic of China National celebration in front of the Oakland City Hall on Friday with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.