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October 21, 2014

Worth A Look

Tuesday. To bed, as said, at a decent hour. To sleep whenever it was to wake up more times in the night than one would like. Have no idea the cause, it's not hydraulic pressure, but something else common (I'm assuming) to older geezers such as myself.

That particular shtick gets old, you know.

I know. Don't really feel particularly old, just this sinus thing acting up and I take a lot of naps for feeling tired. Not the worst thing in the world, taking a lot of naps, particularly when you have the time needed to indulge, but it does slow you down and you seem to spend too much time bitching for all the world to see. A bit embarrassing, really.

A nice day, up with the alarm and off to breakfast feeling pretty good. Maybe not the race track head of steam I had yesterday morning, but good. We're ready for the walk over to take the morning's construction site pictures if nothing else. Hup! And stuff.

Later. A walk to the construction site, stumbling into one or two interesting pictures, back home to process them and start another page of photographs for the the web sites. Mindless but pleasing time-passes-quickly stuff. Thankful for that. Mindless. Pleasing.

Laid down in bed, listened to the radio, turned off the radio and went to sleep. Feel better now that I'm up, although half the afternoon is shot. Bright sun, let's see if ambition arises once all the pieces have come back together. Something exciting perhaps, like an ice cream bar run.

Later still. I get a number of phone calls from people who want to sell me something and lately I've had calls from a San Diego number, as many as five and more in a day.

I never pick up. I figure if they're not in my phone book (displaying the name on the phone) they'll leave a voice mail and I'll return the call. A Google search on the number said it was a group selling everything from diabetes related medicines to wheel chairs.

Still four, five, six times a day, day after day, drove me to figure out how to block the number on the phone. Useful thing to know. Life is weird in this cell/smart phone universe, something you may have noticed.

Pretty exciting for an October afternoon around here.

Now, of course, they'll stop calling or, it will turn out, when a number has been blocked, it won't show any indication there's been a call at all. Like to see evidence that it works. And yes, exciting stuff for late October.

Evening. There's a baseball game this evening. When's the last time I've watched baseball? Still, the World Series. How can you not? There are still things you never grow out of and game one, I suspect, will be worth a look.

The photo up top was taken yesterday of the apartment house across the way with a Nikon D4 mounted with a 24-70mm f/2.8 G Nikkor lens.