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October 15, 2014

Hurt One Bit

Wednesday. And so, I guess, a decent night's sleep. Up twice, as I always seem to awaken and get up twice during the night, but lights out before ten and awake before the alarm. So good, one might well guess.

Off to breakfast on an overcast morning. Some light rain last night, but clearly what looks to be a sunny day on the way. Have no plans (when do I ever have plans?), but we'll think of something. The fact the car needs an oil change comes to mind. Pretty exciting stuff for the middle of a week one might say. Hey.

Later. Out the door thinking there was a bus coming in another few minutes, but then turning right instead of left in the lobby and entering the garage to drive to the Honda dealer and leave the car for an oil change. One factor in the decision was I needed to visit an ATM and my bank has a branch next to the dealer on Broadway, but discovered the branch had been closed. Just like that. OK, best to know for the future, but still.

A walk then to Grand and on along Broadway to the bank branch I usually visit, no buses appearing along Broadway as I walked (for the best, we have our walking in for the day), back then to Grand to wait on a bus and get off at the 7-11 look-alike for an ice cream bar and photograph the construction site on the way home. Wanted to photograph the crane I'd passed heading out in the car. Still there. Pictures.

All this and it's only eleven in the morning. The car will be ready around two, they'll call me then, so lunch of some kind methinks (prepared here, bought there, won't decide until then). The sun is out, still a bunch of impressing looking clouds, the air is reasonably cool and most of the day still lies ahead.

Later still. A bus downtown to the City Center to have a turkey and Swiss bagel sandwich with coffee at (where else?) a table in front of the bagel shop, then on to catch a bus that somehow never came to the Honda dealer who'd called and said the car was ready. A green bus to Grand and then a walk to the shop, over five hundred dollars for rear wheel brake pads and some other stuff. They'd called, I knew it was coming but quite a bit for a car that never quite gets driven. He mentioned something about an air bag recall. I've been expecting it.

A drive home to sit and listen to the news, work on more pictures and chill. Easier (to chill) with a now overcast sky and a decent breeze. A good atmosphere to get one's head back together after having your car serviced.

Evening. Whatever the effects of drinking but half that bottle last night, what I described as a “funky feeling”, doesn't seem to have appeared after finishing last night's bottle this evening and then going on to drink the third remaining bottle with but a second thought. Very nice, the clouds have parted, the ship is smoothly sailing, the head is feeling just fine. Funky not.

My, my.

It's a strange world. Fortunately.

Nothing on television of course, this being a Wednesday. Something on the tablet in bed. I'm discovering I've seen most of the episodes of the various series I've been watching, but can't remember anything about how they turn out. Nothing new about that. But it's pleasant to go through them, certainly more pleasant than if I'd remembered their outcomes and, it turns out, watching them with sake doesn't hurt one bit.

The photo up top was taken at the Berkeley Sunday Streets with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.