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October 1, 2014

Silly Moi

Wednesday. To sleep early enough (I seem to recall now at nine in the morning), but to awaken and briefly get up and go to the bathroom toward morning with stomach/intestine pain and some diarrhea, taking what seemed like forever to get back to sleep. Had I eaten something with little hitchhikers inside that cooking/heating for however long hadn't managed to eliminate? Did that cup of spicy noodles I microwaved later than usual in the evening been a mistake?

Anyway, slept in for a good half hour plus longer before setting out for breakfast, still feeling some pain in the intestines, wondering how it would be as I was arriving home? A run to the bathroom? No. Seems alright now, a brush with whatever it was, a bit of upset on a (sunny, going to be hot) Wednesday morning. All is well, the head is clear. Don't want to do it again, though.

Started Naomi Klein's book last night. Starts well. Interesting to see how today's various movements are coming together, each a part of the same problem. Be nice to be around long enough to see how it plays out over the next decade. We don't have a decade to continue to dither on climate change, but no news in that. Reading where the science is going, as they do more and better studies, is quite scary.

Now, now.

It's nice now that the innards have settled down.

Later. The morning wears well and so a walk to the construction site, approaching it to see they'd been putting the third story floor/ceiling over the garage entrance in place. Not much going on otherwise at this hour, so more pictures up above on the Bellevue side to show their progress. Enough for one morning.

Back to process the pictures and think about lunch. Don't really want to go downtown, certainly not to arrive during the noon hour rush, so we'll probably end up at the morning café unless we make do with cooking spaghetti with clam sauce. I do eat a lot of pasta with clam sauce. Red clam sauce.

Later still. Another walk down the hill thinking, after looking at the NextBus app on the phone, I was probably going to miss the bus and then got caught up and delayed in taking a picture as I approached the bottom of my hill. Missed the bus. Still, what the hell? I obviously wasn't ready for the City Center so soon after the last time around.

A walk then over to Coffee With A Beat, a turkey with cheese sandwich (they make a decent sandwich) and coffee out at one of their sidewalk tables, before turning around and adding two additional food groups to the meal at the 7-11 look-alike (Necco wafers and Good & Plenty), returning to take more pictures on the Bellevue side of the construction site, the crew back at work. They obviously take lunch before noon, probably keep a seven in the morning to three or four in the afternoon workday to avoid some of the midday sun. No fun working under the midday sun.

Warmer when I got home, maybe not as hot as they were saying it was going to get “at the end of the week”, but close. To bed and the fan and the tablet to watch more episodes of the (what I think is a) Belgian detective series. Lots of detective series I've never heard of, although the plots pretty much stay on the same course.

Evening. Another go to bed early, read more of Naomi Klein's opus, but first watch however many episodes of another foreign detective series evening. One theme they all stress: the political system they operate under is corrupt and the hero is one of the very few who wear a white hat. You don't see a lot of that in American productions. The upper ranks are always a problem, but more for being assholes or capricious than working in concert with criminals. Or am I not watching enough American television?

I don't believe you're watching any.

You're forgetting the public stations: Death In Paradise, Sherlock Holmes and the like.

As in the three originated in England programs you mentioned?

Ah. Silly moi.

The photo up top was taken Monday at the Oakland City Center with a Nikon D4s mounted with a 24-120mm f/4.0 VR Nikkor lens.