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October 25, 2012

Always The Shooter
Thursday. I did watch the Italian police procedural at nine last night, not getting to bed until just before eleven. Yes, I'd seen it before, knew how it turned out, didn't believe the story premise, but I wasn't sleepy and I was feeling better after what had seemed a rather long foggy-headed day in May.


As I said: foggy-headed.

Up with the alarm on a rainy overcast morning without particular effort, out the door and back from breakfast, again feeling pretty good. We'll see if a nap comes along in another hour, but for the now we're good.

A demonstration out in front of the City Hall later this afternoon at three on the one year anniversary of an Occupy Wall Street demonstration where an Iraqi war veteran was shot and hospitalized by a rubber bullet fired a close range by the police. They've been talking about it in the papers this morning, so I suspect there will be a turnout and yours truly will attend (with a camera). Otherwise lots of guitar practice.

Later. I did lie down for somewhat less than an hour, drifting off toward, but not reaching sleep. Still, feeling pretty good when I got up and decided to head over to the morning restaurant for lunch. A bit early, but we'd had a light breakfast, couldn't hurt. It was overcast, but overcast heading away from more rain, so a sweater and a light jacket heading out.

Walking by the lake, the light really nice, a picture I've taken before with the clouds in the background, a small scattering of coots out on the lake. We're seeing coots again, I'm assuming they're passing through on their way south, as they've not been much in evidence these last several months. A small Snowy Egret was fishing in what seemed pretty ugly looking water, but full of whatever small fish and such they seem to eat.

Ice cream and coffee for lunch, no interest in anything else. Whatever I was hungry for wasn't on their menu. Still, the ice cream was filling. A bus was coming just as I left the café, so a ride home to now play the guitar. With the music. How many times have I said that now? With the music? How many times have I actually done it? Hup?

Later still. A bus downtown arriving at half past two, the Occupy demonstration scheduled for three, thinking I'd get a cup of coffee at the City Center if nothing seemed to be happening yet, but there was a small group putting up signs and creating another large chalk banner at the entrance. OK. Onward!

Close to two hours of shooting. There was probably more press and security than there were Occupy people at the beginning, but enough going on to come up with a section of pictures for HereInOakland and artandlife. I recognized a few people from prior demonstrations, again, the crowd growing larger as the afternoon progressed.

The flier they'd produced talked about breaking into study groups at five and then heading out on an FTP march (TP being “The Police”, you can guess the F), but I suspect however many people finally arrive by five or by eight, there would have been a whole lot more had there not been a World Series game playing at the same time.

However many eventually showed up, whether or not they marched, I'll read about it in tomorrow's paper as I got on a bus back home at four to go through the pictures. I'd gotten in some time playing along with the George Harrison's recording of Something before I left, so we're staying on top of the guitar for tomorrow as well as going through the photographs. I hope. I mistrust myself when I start saying it.

Evening. Watched the game. My, my, the Giants up now by two. Worked on the pictures, put some time in on the guitar, but not as much as I might have liked. I'm not particularly worried, this week has been a good week for practice.

I suspect I'll post two sections of photographs, as I seem to have enough, but just barely enough. Way too many for one, just enough for two, although I won't know how far I might have to stretch them to make the two until I finish them tomorrow. Babble, babble, the same old routine after every shoot. It's not the photographs, it's always the shooter.

The photo up top was taken at the Oakland California Museum Dia de los Muertos exhibit Sunday with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 24-120mm f 4.0 VR Nikkor lens.