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October 21, 2012

Less Bitching Here
Sunday. To bed before nine, up at seven-thirty, how many hours of sleep? Real sleep? You'd think enough. We'll see: so far, so good. Off to breakfast and back to sit here and suffer over yesterday's entry. Well, “suffer”. I wouldn't do it if it made me suffer. I have no idea why I've continued as long as I've continued with this thing, but we're not suffering. Crazy? Well, maybe, but crazy is more socially acceptable and comfortable.

The Oakland museum and the Dia de los Muertos exhibit kick off this afternoon. Sounds like something that can work out. After a nap, of course. No getting around it. The nap.

Later. Well, I didn't quite get it together for a nap, but ended up getting on a bus downtown and then walking to the Oakland Museum, arriving just after noon to find a fairly long line of people just inside waiting to buy tickets. It was the same last year, so the exhibit obviously remains popular.

Lots of ofrendas (offerings), displays that are remembrances to honor ancestors throughout the various levels of the museum, an outdoor stage for performances as well as small musical groups of many kinds throughout the rooms and the hallways. All of them good for pictures.

So an hour or so of shooting with lunch in their dining room, then a walk back to the City Center to wait out at a table (none of the cafés were open) to ease a sore but not overly sore back before walking on to catch the bus that runs every half hour. Woof! The day is done but for the guitar and I think I will take a look at the guitar after that now much delayed nap.

Evening. A fairly long session processing the photographs from the museum earlier (foregoing the nap), it turning out I may have enough in hand for two sections of photographs. I'm not sure they're anything special (well, I'm sure they're not anything special, but I think they're OK, as it's hard to go wrong with face paint on all your subjects), but whatever they are, they're good enough for two sections.

The six o'clock Italian police procedural was watchable, an ongoing series that takes up where last week's left off, so some guitar as I was watching. Hard to process photographs and read subtitles at the same time.

I'd watched the full Moyers & Company program from the beginning earlier in the afternoon and so watched maybe the first ten or fifteen minutes again at eight, couldn't find much I wanted to see scheduled for later, so got to bed early again just after nine. We've been good on this getting to bed thing, let's hope it leads to better mornings and less bitching here.

The photo up top was taken at the Sunday Streets Berkeley with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 70-200mm f 2.8 VR II Nikkor lens.