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October 5, 2012

The Very Thing Myself
Friday. To bed after watching Sherlock on television last night, up at nine-thirty. Ah. A decent night's sleep in a strange, albeit well appointed, bed on the fourth floor of some unknown edifice in Old Pasadena.

Breakfast at eleven in the morning turns out to be too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, but they seated me in the dining room (the only diner present) and I ordered coffee and a chicken Caesar salad from their lunch menu. It was actually quite good, quite large (a lot of grilled chicken) and I feel much better after my skimpy eating yesterday. So a reasonably heart felt hup.

Back in the room now futzing with this, reading what I can find in the USA newspaper they slipped under the door (I was hoping to find a Times on sale downstairs) and then to set out with a camera this afternoon, ComedySportz starting later at six with dinner and then the wedding couple in the show.

I'm assuming other members of the family will have congregated here in the hotel by then, my sister unfortunately flying in too late for the dinner and maybe too late for the show. Has our planning been perfect? Well.

Later. A walk out the back of this building (there are no sidewalks where you enter through the front) by the Pasadena Convention Center next door, through a shopping center and then along one of the Old Pasadena streets, stopping for an ice cream cone at a Baskin & Robbins. Strawberry and coffee ice cream in a waffle cone. (I mean, what the hell, we're on what is essentially a vacation on the road.)

A call from cousin Jon (father of the groom) saying everyone was meeting at four-twenty in the lobby, so there's another hour here and then off to say hello, catch up on recent times and (photograph) the show.

Evening. An interesting evening with dinner followed by the show at ComedySportz. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Yes, it was a wedding dinner, yes, the show was a really interesting improv competitive (two teams playing against each other, with each other and often involving the audience kind of affair and, well, it was damned good. Fell tired but much better.

Back at the hotel, the family who'd arrived by then getting together in the hotel bar, well over a dozen or more, my sister having arrived while we were at the show and having turned in before we'd gotten back, to bed myself (leaving ahead of the others) to reach the room after midnight, spending another almost an hour moving the thousand pictures I'd taken from the cameras to the laptop.

My, my.

I said the very thing myself.

The photo up top was taken at street corner in Pasadena this afternoonith a Nikon D3s mounted with an 24-70mm f 2.8 G Nikkor lens.