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October 3, 2012

Social Security Dole
Wednesday. To bed before ten with the fan beside the bed, too warm but without being over the top warm, up to turn off the alarm and sleep in until seven on a clear morning in October where it's going to get really, really warm today instead of dropping down into the sixties as the weather people were fantasizing projecting. What the hell. As long as we don't get any fires, the Oakland hills fire started in a high October wind and heat week in 1991.

A walked across the street to take a picture of the gas prices, something I didn't do yesterday when I saw the price for regular was blank and I was running late. No excuse, running late. Doesn't matter, of course, my silly conceit of tracking the gas prices at the station across from my morning restaurant, but I'll at least note it here. And then sensibly forget about it. The world will still turn.

So, we'll maybe head downtown to see who's playing at the Wednesday noon hour City Concert (a decent enough excuse to get out of here) and take on the day. Maybe take a proper picture of these two new recliner chairs as I was a little embarrassed by not taking a proper picture of yesterday, but I suspect that too will just turn out to be a passing forget about it thought like many another that passes for thinking around here.

Our mood is?

We're OK. I should Google where I'll be driving tomorrow, heading down to L.A. (Pasadena, actually), figure out how long it will take. Enough energy expended for today, I'd say. Certainly wouldn't want to overdo it.

Later. Warm, t-shirt weather, but not all that warm, not as warm as yesterday (he said, confidently), the Yahoo Oakland weather site saying mid-seventies. Saying this I'm happy to be inside in this late afternoon, no thought to go out again.

Took a bus to the bank on Broadway to prepare for the trip tomorrow and then walked on to the City Center to have a bagel with cream cheese and coffee while I listened to the band begin to play. Not all that many people around, but a decent way to start an afternoon.

Off then to catch a bus to Grand at Harrison (I know that's meaningless to anyone who doesn't live in the area, but basically about half the way home) to walk along Grand and take pictures of the various trash containers they've been decorating with images done in tiles. Maybe one day set out and see if I can't find and photograph all of them with better care. I take pictures, but too often on the fly, grabbing instead of properly getting the image.

Just an expression of your style.

Call if what you will, but it's really just an expression of laziness (if truth must be told).

A walk then on to the morning restaurant to see the gas prices had not only been posted on their sign, but raised another dime, $4.459 now for a gallon of regular. Well, that's what they were saying in the Chronicle this morning, prices were going to go up through this weekend. Prices certainly are going up as we're approaching the weekend.

A grilled cheese sandwich, strawberry ice cream and a lemonade before catching a bus home. I mentioned it's warm. It's warm. We'll see how it goes the rest of the day. No word on the Protime test, so maybe they didn't fax the damned thing to the doctor, Google says it will take six hours to drive to the Pasadena motel where a group of us have made reservations and I'm told no problem bringing cameras to the ComedySportz show on Friday night where the couple getting married will be performing in a special show. Sounds more fun than watching a six o'clock Italian police procedural.

Evening. Watched the debate while packing and then went beddy-bye like a good little Oakland consumption unit on the Social Security dole.

The photo up top was taken at the company reunion held last month in Oakland with a Nikon D4 mounted with an 85mm f 1.4 AF Nikkor lens.