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October 31, 2011

Could Be Done

Monday. I should proof read these things better before putting them up. A session to read, change, re-post; read, change, re-post first thing this morning. So easy to completely destroy a thought, a sentence or a paragraph with one or two obviously addled elements. But then this has always been the case, otherwise we wouldn't have editors.

A lot of sleep the night before last that seems to then have resulted in a clear head and a bunch of energy that lasted throughout the day yesterday. I ended up watching that late night Korean soap, as I couldn't sleep (more likely wasn't willing to work at going to sleep), so we'll see how this day evolves. Up with the alarm, to breakfast and back before eight, an hour or so to finish yesterday's entry and to post it, rewrite and post it about a dozen times. Half dozen times.

One thing about processing the three sections of photographs that I finished up from Saturday's shooting was how easy it was to go through them without effort. No feeling tired, no lagging, just buzz right on through the whole lot. Same with the photographs I took yesterday, most of them were done by the end of day, they shouldn't be all that difficult to finish this morning. But again, I got to sleep a little late. An ongoing experiment, this life, going to bed late, skating along the edge.

Later. OK, yesterday's photographs are finished and up, most of the work having been done yesterday on three full sections. I think I came up with exactly the number of pictures required, not one extra. Now that they're done I'll put them out of my mind. None of them stands out, none of them would have been more than a passing thought if they'd been taken at a parade or other event where I'm looking for facial expressions and wouldn't have been posted. Maybe one in twenty of photos like these to give a sense of something a little different that helps to define an event, an off the wall sign or symbol you wouldn't expect.

Maybe worry more about how I'm handling the manipulation of the photographs, what I'm coming up with in the way of color. I'm not much liking the color. I don't like the solid black areas you get in the contrast between bright sun and shade and my attempts to mitigate it may be going too far. So we'll think about that. And mumble.

Later still. A bus downtown (we don't walk downtown, depressing thought, but we often walk back when there's no bus) to walk around the Occupy area and shoot pictures of the new signs and any signs that had changed (there's quite a turn over), new tents and tents that had been rearranged, taking but one camera with the 24-70mm lens. I thought I'd take it easy. Signs don't require a telephoto except now and again and I was thinking more in terms of lunch than the now and agains. So a chocolate espresso brownie and a V-8 at the same place in the Rotunda building. I'd had enough coffee this morning and maybe in this life.

Back home now listening to the news in the background. A bunch of pictures, many fewer than yesterday, but I'll go through them at a leisurely pace, see what comes up. I'd taken a nap before leaving, this not enough sleep the night before obviously isn't something I can do, so I forced the issue and got maybe forty-five minutes of rest. Guitar now, I think, take a look at those pictures, but only when the mood strikes and I'm feeling like it. Hip! Hip!

What's that about?

Too much photography makes Jack a dull boy. I'd get some sake for later if I had any interest in it.

When's the last time you've had a drink?

Odd to say, but I don't remember. That, of course, would be the short term memory age thing, but I haven't had one in a while. Haven't had any interest. It must have been with sushi, though, so it can't have been that far back. We are not masochists.

Evening. A single additional section of today's shooting up on artandlife. Scans through more like a dictionary than a set of pictures: a sign here, a tent there. I may get back to people's expressions, bring the longer lens, take chances in catching the local fauna in action, warnings be damned. Either that or take pictures when they're marching or mixing it up with the Oakland police. Maybe I should divert my attention to birds, flowers and cute little animals, dogs and cats. Hamsters. Get my excitement from somewhere else now and again with say a second flask of sake over dinner, forget tent encampments.

Maybe you could just relax the rest of the evening and shut your trap.

That could be done.

The photograph was taken Sunday at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.