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October 25, 2011

With The Dead

Tuesday. I again watched a program on television last night, a Scandinavian police caper, so I have no excuses. I got to bed at eleven thirty, slept in until eight, went to breakfast and back getting home at close to ten. During breakfast a woman who was sitting across the isle was talking on her telephone and mentioned something about the police having broken up something. I assumed she was talking about the Occupy Wall Street encampment and it turned out, when I checked at home, she was right.

I'm almost relieved in some ways, photographing this thing has required (what for me are) long and tiring hours, so I'll have a chance to pull my faculties together, maybe skip this late night TV business. Still, got home, checked the news on the web and headed downtown on the bus, the bus detouring off Broadway well before it reached the Occupy encampment in front of City Hall.

A walk the rest of the way to find a group of people standing outside the metal barricades that stretched across the City Hall - Ogawa Plaza entrances, many of the people standing and sitting former residents of the encampment, many just passers by, some one or two shouting out curses at the police standing in line, some somewhat larger number suggesting the police had better things to do, most just watching. But for the shouters it was otherwise relatively quiet. So I took pictures.

Since the inside the barricade entrances to the Rotunda building were sealed off, I wondered if the outside entrance was also monitored, thinking of having a cup of coffee and a pastry, but entered off Broadway without issue, found the coffee shop open, had the coffee and a pumpkin something or other (it was quite good), but didn't venture down the hall by the guard sitting at his station (who eyed me pretty hard, what with the two cameras I had in tow) and exited the building on Broadway and heading for the bus.

I thought the buses weren't running on Broadway.

Which someone pointed out to two of us who found ourselves waiting. Not for too long, but why hadn't I figured that out? I had, after all, come on a bus that was diverted? Such is (this older) life. A run by the transit office to buy next months bus sticker (the lady who sold it to me swore the monthly pass was now available through Clipper, something I will indeed check), a walk farther on to the bus stop on Grand at Webster, a bus finally arriving taking me home. Where I immediately lay down and attempted a nap. Being tired. But not able to sleep.

We shall take it easy the rest of the day, we shall manage at some point to process the pictures taken earlier and we will prepare for our guitar lesson coming up tomorrow. We shall. We are feeling blitzed, we are, as we've pretty much been feeling since awakening, and we shall address the issue by taking it easy and seeing if we can't feel better before feeling worse. (I mentioned being “blitzed”?).

They said on the news they were going to allow a protest crowd in front of City Hall, but no tents or camping overnight once they'd cleaned out the area, so I may still be out tomorrow taking pictures, but later in the day, I think, much later.

Evening. Down the hill to have sushi and sake, back now feeling better. Time now for the guitar. Later, but not much later, to bed. To sleep with the dead.

The photograph was taken Thursday at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street encampment with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 24-120mm f 4.0 Nikkor VR lens.