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October 13, 2011

Always More Practice

Thursday. To bed at a decent hour last night, reading a bit more of Wired For War, the robotics book I downloaded onto the Kindle earlier this week. I was disconcerted to see it was published in 2008, disconcerted to think I may have missed important developments in these last three intervening years. Is it really going that fast? Three years? Ah, well, obsolete in a week anymore I guess. To sleep then at a decent hour, up this morning with the alarm, off and then back from breakfast before eight.

I'd spent quite a bit of time last night working on the photographs I'd taken at the Occupy Wall Street protest and spent another three or four hours this morning finishing them up. Afterward, when I was having sushi last night, I mentioned to the sushi chef it had been a long day. He asked how long I'd been shooting and I replied over two hours and he laughed. But, but! Two hours running around with the cameras, an hour of preparation and five hours cranking them out in Photoshop! A long day! Really.

Which is eight or nine hours. I'm told that's not unusual in the real world.

Well, it was a long day just as it will be a long day today, after I've had another shooting session this afternoon and worked them over in Photoshop, another long day added to what will then make it four. In a row. Up early, start early, finish late (with a little guitar in between for sanity). It tuckers a guy out.

No one's going with this.

Hmm. Well, it was a long day yesterday and I needed that sake last night.

Later. I really was/am tired. A walk along the lake, a very short walk along the lake turning back almost immediately once I'd reached the white columns, most everyone who wasn't moving sitting under the shade of most anything they could find in ninety degree weather. I brought a long lens camera playing with different shutter speed - aperture combinations. The problem with a 270mm lens is you need to have a 1/300th or better shutter speed and even then it's best to brace yourself against something solid.

But, as I said, tired, I returned home almost immediately, dreading a bit the thought of shooting the Occupy Wall Street people later in the afternoon. The very late afternoon, given the temperature and my attitude. For now we'll stay inside with the fan, watch the news and play guitar. Practice guitar. Playing implies something more melodic than I'm yet able to manage. Maybe I have enough Occupy Wall Street pictures for now. Maybe I can let it slide until Friday. Maybe.

Later still. It's eighty-eight degrees at five in the afternoon and I'm not going downtown to take pictures. Tomorrow, yes, we'll be there tomorrow. Maybe see what it looks like in the earlier morning. Otherwise it's bedtime after more practice. Always more practice.

The photograph was taken at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street Protest with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens.