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October 2, 2011

Knives And Poisons

Sunday. I worked for quite a long time on the photographs taken of the People's Republic anniversary celebration in front of City Hall yesterday afternoon and into the evening, finishing up with watching that set in ancient times Korean soap, more because I couldn't get to sleep than any desire to continue with the thing; getting up out of bed wide awake after it had started, turning on the television and watching it through. It has it moments, but you pay, indeed you do pay wading through those odd culturally oriented parts. I'm saying that assuming Koreans too, modern Koreans anyway, would say the same thing. Except these were recently created. What do I know? They probably parallel our own American soaps and I don't know what I'm talking about.

You're trying to slide from under the onus of watching these brain dead “dramas” of yours. Have you ever watched an American soap?

I don't believe you can grow up in America without watching a chapter or two. But no, I don't watch them. I don't think I'm the target audience. And besides, I don't get cable so all I have are the public television stations and the three major networks which can do if you're a news freak. Those and whatever it is you get on the net through Roku, Amazon and Netflix.

They all run on the major networks.

So I haven't watched one in a very long time. Maybe, with brain deterioration and age, they'll come to my entertainment rescue one day and I'll slide out in some kind of happy babbling miasma of my declining years. More comfortable than listening to the rats in the walls and the bats in the belfry I would think. Life has a known habit of throwing you curves, why a deck of cards includes the joker.

Anyway, to bed at eleven, up after a somewhat fitful night's sleep at seven, to breakfast and back by nine. What can be said? It's a Sunday and I have two sections of People's Republic anniversary celebration pictures to put up on artandlife. I did shoot a lot of pictures, something over four hundred, but finding more than one in ten that I thought worthy was difficult and in that one out of ten total there were maybe two or three that were a cut above the rest. But again, a good outing, fun was had and things were learned.

There's an alternative press confab of some kind going on in San Francisco at noon and I plan to attend, say hello to Mr. and Ms. W who will be manning a booth and maybe say hello to one or two people I haven't seen in a while. I'm dragging my feet, but I'm sure I'll go. Ho, ho.

Later. A bus and then BART to the Civic Center BART station taking this as I was on the escalator. Like her shoes. Like the picture.

A half dozen block or so walk to the convention center passing some interesting graffiti, liked it enough to make a detour and take photographs. An interesting area of the city I'm less familiar with, although I knew it through driving through it fairly often as it's not all that far from my old haunt on Potrero Hill.

So good, the Alternative Press Expo. Found it. There it was, just as Google said I would. I'd bought and printed out a ticket online, so I entered and walked along the sections of tables: many tables, many publishers, many artists, many people, none of whom however appeared to be Mr. and Ms. W. Checked with the folks at the Last Gasp table. Had they seen Mr. and Ms. W? Well, yesterday. Yes, they'd been there yesterday.

Oh. Gave them a call. Seems they were indeed there yesterday just as (checking later) their Facebook entry clearly stated. I had it down for Sunday on my kitchen calendar. Sloppy of me, don't you think? Still I do go out every day with a camera, just as I journeyed out to, through and back from this Expo. No harm done and I got some pictures. The Folsom Street Fair is held nearby, so it's a bit different, this neighborhood, but it's also a place where artists seem to dwell and sell. At least it was in the old days (I recall - maybe my recollections are less reliable these days? It can't be all that inexpensive.). Whatever. Decent neighborhood graffiti though. Have to like that.

Back to Oakland to finish up the last section of People's Republic anniversary photographs, somewhat tired, but in a good mood, a walk after posting the photographs to the breakfast café for coffee and a croissant. A decent croissant. I know I've had them there before, but I don't remember them being this good. I'll try another maybe in the morning.

To repeat (too many times I admit): the mood is good, we're rolling forward. Time for some guitar (not a lick yesterday, I'm sad to say), to bed tonight after that Korean soap.

You said you were embarrassed to be thought watching “your Korean soap”.

Yeah, but they left it at an exciting place, the bad guys having riddled the (good) prince through with arrows. I need to see how that works itself out.

They riddle people with arrows in these “soaps”?

Sometimes they use knives and poisons.

The photograph was taken at the Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D3s mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR II lens in conjunction with a 1.4x teleconverter.