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October 5, 2009

Next Year
Monday. Up a little later, to breakfast around eight thirty with half a dozen other diners inside in attendance with three more tables filled outside on the patio (which is good to see, although I notice the owner was now filling in and helping with the tables), home now looking around the apartment on a Monday as I always look around the apartment on a Monday thinking, well, just thinking. The lungs are still loose, I forgot the Flonase in the nose routine when I got up this morning, but administered it as soon as I returned (Is it doing any good? Can't really tell.), a bit spacey but the feet are up and here I am at the computer.

My lunch today in S.F. with Ms. R has been postponed (she's not feeling well - please do feel better soon, Ms. R) and the week is clear through Thursday when I have a dentist's visit scheduled. A teeth cleaning. Lots of teeth cleaning lately. Not sure why except perhaps the dentist has had a business analysis done and he's discovered clean teeth lend themselves to a much larger income. OK, I do admit it may lead to cleaner teeth as well, but grudgingly, grudgingly.

Finishing up the LovEvolution parade photos. (I do cringe slightly whenever I write that. Not sure why other than the what? The too cute factor? More my problem than theirs? Probably.) Mr. E mentioned his daughter and her friends had prepared well in advance for the event - they living out in the far suburbs - and it was a big deal, the BART train they took into the city packed to the rafters with LoveEvolutionists so the event itself held in front of City Hall as well as the parade have been well accepted as an annual event in San Francisco (tourists who wish to participate are always welcome).

Anyway, finishing up the photos as I mentioned with a somewhat more jaundiced eye. They're OK and I'll one day probably create a LovEvolution Parade section of their own on artandlife, but later, maybe, after another parade. For some reason I'm going through a period of “is this better than I first thought?” and “this is bad” questioning on everything I've been shooting. Not to the point of neurosis, you understand, but certainly to the point of fretting about it here. I'll get over it. I do seem to get over whatever I've got. Eventually. Part of the process.

I noticed in posting the photos that I had an entire section finished and sitting on my computer for the San Francisco Miscellaneous section that I hadn't moved to artandlife. I'm not sure why. They're up there now, of course, maybe futz with them later. I have one or two Evolution photos I could fit into this earlier group. (This is part of the “is this good, is this bad” routine.) Then again I think I've taken this well into a white noise phase, can't see anything anymore, the brain is no longer functioning. Think about it later. Tomorrow. Next year.

The photograph was taken at the San Francisco 2009 LovEvolution Parade with a Nikon D3 mounted with a 70 - 200mm f 2.8 Nikkor VR lens at f 2.8 at 1/3200th second, ISO 200.