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Lady on cell phone this morning in downtown Oakland.

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October 2, 2008

Same Old
Thursday. Lunch today with Ms. V, the old office evidently not all that changed over the last month. Many people whom we were close to have left, the business is off and not getting any better (bad to hear from a container ship company heavily in the China trade), the food pretty good at a Chinese restaurant we've been to now a number of times.

The other excitement for the day is the work they're doing on the one way alley in front of my apartment, the hot water in the building turned off for the day as they are screwing around with the gas. It's two in the afternoon as I write and they seem to have finished, although the no parking signs say no parking through the middle of this month. They were getting underway when I left for breakfast, this morning, just after six and they seemed to be finishing up tamping down the filler over the hole they'd dug as I left for the bus stop around eleven for lunch. Pretty exciting, right? Why didn't I take a picture? Well, OK, it wasn't all that exciting and I suspect now that they're gone there's hot water again in the building. Maybe they'll dig another hole tomorrow and then fill it back up. They might.

Not taking the pain pills didn't seem to affect the need for naps yesterday or this morning. Yes, I've not given it enough time to really know, but as I was leaving the apartment for lunch I popped a pill without a second thought, what with the sinuses aching and affecting my otherwise sunny attitude. Don't want no downer attitudes when I'm having lunch with Ms. V. Don't really want no downer attitudes when I'm having lunch with myself. Save them all for the journal.

Still, the clouds seems to have cleared somewhat (it looked like rain, this morning) and the temperature is beginning to climb, so I've done my sojourning for the day, I think. Ms. V suggested I get off my ass and take an extended vacation, check someplace out for a week and then go back for a couple of months if I liked it. I'd mentioned I'd looked at San Miguel de Allende on the web yesterday when I was writing my entry and discovered you could indeed rent a house by the month at affordable prices, maybe even buy one if that made sense.

Having said that I'll do nothing about it - I'm not stupid, all those times I've suggested something similar and not done anything about it - but the needle on the dial at least flickered showing some brain current. I have no idea what San Miguel de Allende is like after forty years (yes, brain, it's forty years come next summer) and the last time I was there Mr. B and I came home full speed over the border with serious cases of the trots. But still, a flicker in the brain, who knows when it might happen next.

Later. Feel pretty good, the pill this morning having done its stuff: a quick run around the rugs looking for unattended Ms. Emmy spots, changing out her kitty litter (not changing your cat's kitty litter is a blot upon your honor, Mr. Prop - why is it even an issue?), getting ready to watch the Vice-Presidential debate. I'm thinking a little sake this evening, what with the excitement and all, but then again I'm not interested in going out to put up with crowds and traffic. Same old, same old.

The photograph was taken late this morning waiting on Ms. V of a young lady on a cell phone with a Nikon D2X mounted with a 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor VR lens at 1/40th second, f 5.6, ISO 100.