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Ducati motorcycle show, La Honda Center, La Honda

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October 18, 2007

The Mind Reels
Wednesday. One thing I've noticed since retirement is I've spent more time following some of the political blogs, particularly Glenn Greenwald's on since he was previously a consitutional law and civil rights litigator and focuses on constitutional issues. I've always been somewhat First Amendment obsessed (hence my early ACLU membership) and so when Chris Dodd, who's in the running for the Democratic presidential nomination, put a hold today on the FISA bill, my specific interest being the amnesty to be given the phone companies for illegally turning over all of their customer communications to the government without a warrant, I said “hooray!”. Something like that gets a First Amendment freak up and jumping. It does.

A First Amendment freak?

If you'd published an off campus humor magazine while you were in college just prior to the underground press period of the 1960's you'd understand where that's coming from.

The sun out today, another day without appointments although I have a full day booked tomorrow in that I have a lunch date with some of my old co-workers and a haircut scheduled in the morning (two tasks in one day, hey!). A bus ride downtown to have lunch at the City Center, a walk around, a bus back to the apartment, an agreement, after talking with Mr. E on the phone, to meet some of the usual crew tomorrow after lunch for a beverage or two at 19th Street Station (Good grief! THREE tasks to be accomplished in a single day! The mind reels!)

The photograph was taken at a Ducati motorcycle show in the La Honda Center, La Honda, California with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor VR lens at 1/10th second, f 5.6, ISO 100.