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2007 San Francisco Folsom Street Fair

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October 2, 2007

A Sad Record
Tuesday. Up and about by nine, my usual breakfast café far from crowded when I arrived allowing me to spread out the newspapers and spend all the time I wanted to read, a detour by an ATM on the way back home, a short respite sitting in a chair in the park across from the Grand Lake Theater, home now with the sun coming in through the sliding glass door to the balcony and the fan blowing air across my fat and happy countenance. Now, how do we complain about any of this?

Given time I have every confidence you can come up with something unpleasant and trivial.

Perhaps, perhaps.

I'm finding it easy to sit here in front of my computer, write the journal, yes, but sit here in front of the computer listening to NPR radio and play (ahem) Freecell to a degree I don't like to think about. Now this should lead to boredom and a change in direction (I'm counting on it), but I've been doing it now for a long time. Certainly since I retired at the end of June and, as I think back, on weekends while I was working. That's a lot of weekends.

I do get out of the apartment, but boy howdy do I spend a lot of time idling my engine here in front of the computer. The living room, although messy (I've posted a picture), wouldn't be all that difficult to straighten up: do some self portraits, for example (I'm very good at suggesting self portraits to other photographers); put more prints up on the walls, tape them to the bookshelves, tack prints of attractive people to the ceilings. There are many things I could do to get me jump started including writing about it right here with plenty of exclamation points!!! Focus on the “here and now” as Werner Erhard suggested. We want to live in the “here and now” as opposed to some lame off the wall construct like this marathon Freecell bender. If you're going to get yourself lost in a game at least buy an X-Box. Right?

Babble, babble.

Later. A walk to the new Whole Foods store that opened last Wednesday down the way here in Oakland. I was wondering if they carried the canned red clam spaghetti sauce I favor that my local Safeway took off the shelf when they remodeled their operation to serve a more Whole Foods like up scale clientele. No “canned” anything from the look of it, I'm afraid, but miles of counters serving every kind of organic prepared meat, pasta and salad; a very large produce section; a coffee bar (of course); vitamin displays of every kind and a very large crowd. Ah, well. Someplace to go if I throw a party and don't want to do any cooking.

You? Entertain? Cook?

I know. A sad record, here in Oakland.

The photograph was taken at the 2007 San Francisco Folsom Street Fair with a Nikon D2Xs mounted with a 18 - 200mm f 3.5 - 5.6 Nikkor VR lens at 1/350th second, f 5.6, ISO 100.