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Under Construction
Across Lake Merritt in Oakland

October 9th, 2004

300mm Lens
Although it's been a hectic week: two evening classes, a project taking long hours at work, I've been feeling “up”. I guess that's the way to describe it: “Up”. I am sitting at my computer with a clean desk, one of the new Dell computers I've had sitting unused in a corner for the last two years is now up and running; its sister Dell is looking unused and lonely, true, but I'm having thoughts of loading software on it, firing it up and adding it to the network. Set up the web camera? Who cares if there's nothing outside my window worth watching? This is, after all, America! We can raise the dead in America with a little media spin and an Internet connection. What is America about if not spin?. Truth? Justice?

Relax. What was that about?

I have not the vaguest idea. I get this way sometimes when I realize George Bush could be re-elected President.

Later. Well, the second Dell is actually up and running, except I don't have anti-virus software for a server, so it's, well, vulnerable to every sort of attack you can imagine should I connect it to the Internet which I will, no doubt. Hi, ho. Here in Oakland.

It's a spacy day when you look out the window, see some smoke in the distance above the building next door, snap a long lens on the digital and head for the fire. I got as far as the stairwell that looks out onto the street to take the picture. That's a fair distance away, a portion of a picture taken with the equivalent of a 300mm lens.

The banner photograph was taken late this afternoon from my balcony with a Nikon D2h mounted with a 70-200mm f 2.8 Nikkor lens at ISO 200.