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San Francisco Journalcon photos
Bulldog Cafe jazz session, Oakland

October 26th, 2002

During Vietnam
I packed the cameras and got as far as BART this morning on my way to the peace march in San Francisco. A train was pulling out as I descended on the escalator, yet there was a crowd still standing out on the platform. As I continued to descend, I could see into a train completely packed with people, sitting, standing, no room to spare. Another train arrived minutes later and it was packed as well. Only one or two people were able to squeeze themselves inside.

So I, committed peace person that I am, thought, who needs to ride standing, cameras dragging, under San Francisco bay, so I went back up the escalator to the Oakland City Center and had a Chicken Caesar salad to ponder my options. Better to return home and take a nap. Grab the initiative. Go early next time, when there are empty seats and I can travel in comfort in my commitment. What can I say, it's the American way. And there will be a next time.

Ah, well. They say forty thousand people showed up including, I assume, those people from the suburbs coming in on the train sans this kid and his cameras. I liked one person's sign: "Regime Change Begins at Home". Cute sign. I hope when it's over, cute is still around. Cute means nothing too terrible will have happened. Cute means everything worked out. I don't remember cute during Vietnam.

The photograph was taken outside the Bulldog Cafe in Oakland.