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San Francisco Journalcon photos
Dancer outside the Bulldog Cafe in Oakland photo

October 23rd, 2002

Tuesday. Long day. Long, long day, although they let us out of the pens early to see the baseball game, which is playing, as it happens, in the background. I need some sleep tonight. Feelings of vertigo all day, feelings of vertigo when I got up this morning, feelings of vertigo as I took my bath. Nice hot bath. Nice hot bath too early in the morning. What happened to the life I lived when I could sleep til noon? Grew up. Got older. Mistake.

Wednesday. So, the long day yesterday became an early night. I was in bed and sleeping by seven or eight. Woke up a number of times in the night, who knows why, got up to get ready for work at half past six. Let's say ten hours of sleep. Good sleep, bad sleep, but sleep. Today was OK. Hectic, but OK.

This evening I met the usual group of malcontents for drinks over at the pub. Not a peep of a rumor the whole week. A late arriver said she'd read an email saying one of the senior IT people in our building has been named the new CIO, so this is something that will be discussed tomorrow. I don't want to go into it here. A person who will not meet your eyes when you pass in the hall. A person who communicates to people at our level not at all. Maybe she knows what she's doing. I've heard that said, but not for a while. Maybe this will work out, but the general feeling was glum. Maybe we've become glum. The glum after work on Wednesday "life is glum" society. I don't know any more. Life is weird. I'm paying attention to the operation coming up next month. Everything else is baggage.

The photograph was taken outside the Bulldog Cafe on Broadway in Oakland.