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San Francisco Journalcon photos
How Berkeley Can You Be? parade

October 16th, 2002

To Think About
"Bali is not in the Pacific. The south of the island faces the Indian Ocean, the north the Bali Sea. You're right, it *is* north of Australia, but 'south of Hawaii' is stretching the definition of 'south' quite a bit. Almost all the way to "east"..." a comment from Rien Post.

Maybe if I had a globe or my old geographical gazetteer, but I gave that to Hubig when he got the syndicate gig and needed something to keep him from misplacing countries in his drawings. I was relying on my thirty year old memory of reading "Tales of the South Pacific" and the song, Bali Ha'i, which I misspelled Bali High in my last entry (from the musical South Pacific, of course) and changed after checking the album sleeve. I wondered, Bali High? Bali Hi? Something didn't look right, but I was lazy. I am often lazy, and, well, Rien is certainly right about Bali. I looked it up on the web. The Indian Ocean. Vietnam and Cambodia up there to the left. Indonesia. Singapore. Hawaii, north or south, east or west, isn't in the picture.

I made it to Palo Alto with time to spare yesterday. I scheduled the operation at Stanford Hospital for the 18th of November. Plenty to think about.

The banner photograph was taken at the How Berkeley Can You Be? parade.