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San Francisco Journalcon photos
Berkeley Solano Stroll

October 13th, 2002

In Tomorrow
A laundry day today. I went by the office after breakfast to drop off a photography magazine (someone asked about digital cameras, so I told him I'd bring in a copy of Shutterbug, the camera mail order catalogue masquerading as a photography magazine. I've been forgetting to bring the damned thing in every day now for an entire week) and to start a computer process that will save me some time tomorrow. It took all of fifteen minutes, which doesn't count as working on a weekend, right? Right? Then a walk to a pharmacy for vitamins, a dog leg from the pharmacy to a cash machine for, what else, money, and a stop on the way home at a local 7-11 look alike to pick up a tuna fish sandwich and a blackberry fruit pie. God love those blackberry fruit pies. On to the laundry, on to the computer, on to, oh, I don't know, the rest of eternity. Sunday's can be strange.

Today I put together the list of darkroom materials I need to develop my black and white film. How manyDuring lunch at the San Francisco 2002 JournalCon times have I threatened to do this? Many, my friends, many. No way around it. If you are going to shoot better black and white, you need to control how your film is developed and well, although I think the people who have been doing my film are swell, well, they occasionally fuck up. One does not want one's film fucked up. No little specs of whatever when you scan the negatives. These little specs don't come from my cameras. They are not added by Kodak. What other liberties may they be taking? Temperatures? Development times? This will also allow me to shoot the occasional roll of Tri-X, since I can develop it using the correct chemistry. My lab uses TMY chemistry no matter what. Note that I said I'd made a list. It's a good list, but a list that needs to be called in to B & W tomorrow. I'm gonna do it, of course. Call in tomorrow.

The banner photograph was taken at the Berkeley Solano Stroll. The second photo was taken at lunch during JournalCon last weekend in San Francisco.