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Oakland City Center

October 16th, 2001

Then To Bed
Monday evening I had dinner with a friend I haven't seen for a while. Good excuse not to go by the old apartment and pack boxes, good excuse to go to bed early and get a good night's sleep. Tired on Monday. Today was better, but just. This evening, I did go by and wipe out about half of what is left, one last run tomorrow, another run to scrub the kitchen and bathroom at the end of the week. Easier to do when they're empty, I say to self. Self wrinkles self's nose and speaks not.

The rugs, I notice, four days after the event, still have some spots. Small pale spots. I'm sure my friend who owns the Sew and Vac store in Napa is right about the steam cleaning, better to rent one of those rotating brush jobbies and use the cleaner that comes with it. I may not be finished with those rugs yet. I notice there is still a cleaning fluid odor when I enter. I hope that goes away. Soon.

Still tired, but ready to get this finished. Half the people I know at work have come down with what we assume is the same cold, incubated in one of the children, passed to their parent and brought to the office to make the rounds in a kind of place your bets bio roulette. Maybe I have a touch of that. Just the first symptoms. I'm at the stage where it's either going to come in and make itself at home or it's going to pass me by. Go for another long sleep tonight. Fight the bastard.

So. Downstairs now to unload the car. Then to bed.

The photograph was taken recently over at the Oakland City Center.