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How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade

October 12th, 2001

Another Personality
It is Friday, after work. I've set up the computer, obviously, but the DSL line is not connecting. They are coming tomorrow to test. I have had a whiskey and water and a diet Coke and I am ready for the weekend. Really ready for the weekend.

There are stories to tell of the move. The power went out in my building on Sunday as we rolled up in the rental truck. Hard to make a fourth floor move when the elevators don't work. The truck, when we tried to start it again, didn't start. One of the guys who was helping me managed to lock the truck keys inside the truck. These are stories I will tell one day, maybe. If I'm up for it. Then again, maybe not.

This afternoon Stanley Steemer came to the old apartment and cleaned the rugs. There are still three or four car loads of stuff piled up in the kitchen left to move, but otherwise, everything is sitting in boxes behind me as I type. My car is down in the garage with a flat right front tire. I will change the tire tomorrow (with one of those crummy little donut sized spares) and have it repaired, as the tread is good and I probably ran over a nail. I may tell the story about the tire going flat as I was driving home to the new apartment with a load of stuff last night and then again, maybe I won't. This is one of those maybe I will, maybe I won't entries.

I've started off with what appear to be tales of woe. Tales of tales of woe, but I'm really quite pleasedHow Berkeley Can You Be? Parade with this place. Well, the DSL line isn't working, but so what? Who really expected the DSL line to work? Tomorrow. Or Monday. Or whenever. Bottom line: the move is pretty much complete and the new apartment is larger and better than I first realized and that has me feeling good. I will no longer have boxes in my livingroom. I forgot what a few more feet will add to a room in additional space. I didn't quite compute the fact that this small dining alcove next to the kitchen will suck up all my computer tables and equipment and keep it out of the living room. I had no idea the bedroom was larger than I imagined and there is room for the desk I was going to junk and a lot of other stuff if I decide to get a lot of other stuff. The closet space that looked deficient compared to the old place isn't. The kitchen is smaller, but I don't cook anymore. I am on the second floor of a building with a view of the street and I am pleased. Wuss is freaked, but not completely freaked.

Things (by the way) happened at the company on Monday. Bottom line, The Evil One From Out There, whom we've all learned to loathe so well, is no longer IT Maximum Leader. He's been driven out the door and the White Hat now charged with cleaning up the mess is someone I know and respect. This is very very very good. The entire IT staff is floating on air. MSW, when she returns from vacation on Monday, will soar. The company ceiling may come down on our heads with the shitty economy and the terrorists and everything and we may all be out looking for jobs (it's traditional at our company to boot people out just before Christmas), but so what? The Evil One From Out There (as I said) is history. A guy we trust has taken his place. I just hope I still have a job with this company next year. I "just hope" a lot, I guess, some things come, some things don't. Life, I am told, is like that.

I have a wedding to shoot tomorrow in San Francisco. The party after, really. One of the techie ladies at work (whose picture you've seen here from time to time) is tying the knot. I am going to wear my new suit. None of my coworkers have ever seen me in a serious suit. They may be surprised. Another me, another personality. Same camera.

The photographs were taken at the "How Berkeley Can You Be?" parade.