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At a legendary birthday lunch.
November 22nd, 1999

Naivete, It's Called
The crystals forming in Mr. Wuss' gall bladder have almost disappeared. I asked what his diet had to be from here on. Keep him on the canned vet prescribed wonder food he's learned to eat only when he's really really really hungry or, if there just isn't any other way, feed him wet cat food without fish. Occasionally. Friskies was suggested. No dry cat food whatsoever. Curious. I came home and tossed the bag of dry cat food into the trash. Wuss watched its trajectory with intense interest. It was not heading for his dish. I'd been feeding him a hand full of dry food every now and then over the last two months when things got really weird and Wuss was dancing the mad cat dance on my kitchen counter. MEOW! MEOW! MEEEEEOOOOOOWWWW! (Feed me you son of a bitch or I'll poop on your computer!). So. No fish. No dry food. More of the same. Maybe he'll become acclimated in a new millenium.

This is going to be short because I have to return to the office and make phone calls to Asia where the day is just beginning. One additional note. A knowledgeable reader answered my question about how the lady in yesterday's entry kept them in place while dancing: "Spirit Gum, and it works very well - sometimes, too well. It can be painful to remove". As a photographer I know about things like duct tape for glamor shots, but spirit gum is a new one. Naivete, it's called.

The banner photograph was taken at a famous birthday lunch.