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OATS and others in the overhead mirror.
November 19th, 1999

Eventually They Break
Some may recognize the banner photograph. A small portion of it was cropped and run as the banner two days ago. The scanner worked this morning, but is not responding now. This is not a good sign. Worse, the computer required three attempts before it would boot this evening so I'd better write this entry and post it. Thoughts of data. What is maybe irreplaceable? I don't think the hard drive is the problem, but you never know.

Maybe my plan to get out of debt at the end of next month when the medical bills are paid is premature by the cost of a power supply and motherboard. And some RAM. And a CPU. And, I don't know, a CD burner to back up my photographs. The journal is sitting on my ISP's hard drive and I keep another copy on a machine at work and I have monthly CD backups, but.... Well, if you've lived with them for a while you know the routine: Eventually they break.

The banner photograph was taken at the bar in Dorsey's Locker, a soul food restaurant on Shattuck Avenue in Oakland. Readers familiar with this journal will recognize the ladies as OATS, computer technical support experts out for a quick bite at a well known watering hole.