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The San Francisco Gay Pride Parade.
November 13th, 1999

Art, Life and a Cranberry Muffin
My big adventure for the day was to drive over to Berkeley to see The Limey. No reason to talk about it particularly, but it was a good movie. One review I read worried over the way it was cut and I wondered if they'd screwed up the continuity (Flashbacks. I've not seen many movies using flashbacks that I've liked very much.), but it was fine, the cuts were a nice technique to add rather than detract from the story line. The plot is of the cheesy "they done bad to me, I'll do bad to them" variety, but the acting and execution are a whole lot more intelligent. Rent the video. From the number of people in the audience it isn't going to be around in the theaters much longer. Also saw the previews to a new Woody Allen (directing) movie starring Sean Penn. Penn looked like Robert Crumb in his Cheap Suit Serenaders phase which is saying something about Penn's skill as an actor.

As long as I shoot enough pictures during the week to fill this page, I don't have to San Francisco Gay Pride Parade remember what I've run in the past. I have a dozen 2" three ring binders filled with vinyl sheets that hold both slides and strips of film: one roll of thirty six black and white or color print negatives to a sheet or 20 individual slides. There's quite a few of them so when I go back to find something to scan because I don't have anything current, I forget whether I scanned it once before and tossed it aside because I couldn't get it to come out in PhotoShop or if I scanned it and ran it, but I can't remember when. As I learn more about PhotoShop, I realize that photographs I didn't know how to adjust in the past can now be displayed properly as I'm further (but not far enough) along in my knowledge. So, if you see one that you've seen before, well, it wasn't on purpose.

This is being written Sunday morning, so I've already had my coffee and Cranberry muffin San Francisco Gay Pride Parade sitting out in the open air at a table on the sidewalk, reading the paper with the colorful natives discussing art, life and local politics further on down near the cafe entrance. I have no particular desire to go out and shoot pictures. The sky is cloudy with that kind of cloudy that doesn't harbinger rain and it seems a good day to stay inside and write and putter around the apartment. I even have urges to wire up the stereo components and play something. When I say I don't play music the way I used to play music, not having the stereo working two months after moving emphasizes the point. Not to fret. I often write about the white noise in the head and the tired feeling that washes over sometimes when I sit down to write. Hasn't been that way for the last four or five days. Doesn't seem to improve the writing much.

I was taken with Catherine's entry for November 13th following a link from Viv's journal this morning. A way to look at "moods" as a collection of cohabitating personalities, one passing control to the next as circumstances dictate. I posted a comment in her forum on the subject and then managed to scramble it, the last paragraph was a leftover from a first attempt. Doesn't matter. Not the first time I've screwed one of these up. Still, if there's one underlying thread in this journal and most others it's the endless discussion of "mood". Art, Life and Moodiness. And pictures of kitty cats.

The photographs were taken at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade this spring.