Oakland, where swell things can happen....

A Day Without Love is a Day Without Strife, er, Life!

Don't ask about the head, it just came out. The Sole Proprietor is in favor of love, given the alternative. This has held pretty firm over the years. He's noticed a declining interest in French fries, however. Do you suppose he's getting old?

Its getting close to his journal deadline. He promised himself one month of daily journal writing (or whatever this thing is, its sort of a journal and its sort of something else) and then he'd decide if he would continue. The decision doesn't have to be stop altogether, he can arrange the schedule so it happens less often so he can do other things on the site (or in his life) or he can combine some of the photography and whatever into a journal like format, one size fits all, or he can continue.

He's been carping about adding pictures to break up the great grey expanse for some time now, the problem being the immediacy of the photographs. If you talk about the cat jumping over the Barcalounger you've got to have some cute cat photographs to go with it, no waiting around for the film to come back, which is why he's thinking about this "getting a digital camera" thing.

He gave up on the jumbo shrimp idea (yesterday's journal entry). He has a bad habit of going at things with good intentions and biting off more than he can chew or more than he wants to chew. In the past he would have done the shrimp with all kinds of bells and whistles and although they probably would have worked out all right, as often as not, they might not have worked at all. Why not just do something a lot simpler, nice, but easier that everyone will appreciate but won't take moving any mountains to make? He bought the flowers, they look nice, it doesn't take any rocket science to pick up some flowers. He bought four nice cheeses at the local high end market with stone ground crackers in various flavors and sizes. A triple Brie, a Stilton, some Swiss and something called Montgomery Cheddar the guy behind the counter said was nice.

That was easy. He did the whole thing in about 15 minutes, got everything back to the house, trimmed the flower stems and put them in water, grabbed a hat and went to breakfast around 10:00 AM. The sun is out. He had a nice breakfast, shot a couple of pictures (Black and white TMAX 400 shots that will never be seen on this site, but might have had they been done with a digital camera.), returned home and played with a couple of web things he'd thought about last night.

He's writing this just before he's due to pack his cheese and leave for dinner. He'd better take a look at the directions pretty soon and see where he's going. Ah, the mail has just arrived. This will continue in a few hours if the Sole Proprietor is sober when he returns.

(a few hours later)A very nice dinner, a turkey, very well cooked, juicy yet done the way it should be, stuffing, sweet potatoes and everything else and they liked the cheese. The Sole Proprietor is pleased and tomorrow is Sunday, another day of this own making. Perhaps the sun will shine and he'll go shoot the Great American Photograph. Its out there, you know, waiting.

The banner photograph was taken on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley one night in October. Just a photograph.